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  1. I have nothing bad to say about him. Very passionate with what he does. Genuine person with a great ability to train dogs.
  2. Desensitising her is a great idea! Does she love food? If she does, whenever she's eating her meals pull up some noise videos on YouTube and play them on very low volume (so that it's under her threshold of where she gets scared), and do this when she ever has a bone, or kong, etc. Over time you can slowly increase the volume, but it is so important to not ever go over her fear threshold (meaning, the point where she gets scared. We don't, under any circumstances, want her to associate the house, her food, etc, with the scary noise. We want her to barely pay attention to the sounds). I know it
  3. Just bumping this question as I'd really like to know the answer. I would suggest there are individual differences SG - the research is very sparse. Thanks TSD, sorry I missed replying to this before. This issue is something I would want to take into consideration if I was going to use an e-collar (and hopefully good trainers do) because it seems to me that if a dog does get used to a level and needs an increasingly high level of shock/stim/whatever to get results then it propably isn't a good tool to use. I used e-collars in the states, they can be a great tool. You want to be wor
  4. I don't think they are rare, so to speak, but just a tip on obtaining a good quality one. Research breeders that have dogs that you like, and put yourself on a waiting list for a pup. That's how I got my schipperke Biscuit. Yes, I played the waiting game for 4 months, but before he was even born his litter was spoken for, and he was definitely worth it! I also have his breeder's advise for life, and she has always been such a great help. Definitely recommend finding a breeder you trust and like their dogs and then wait for the perfect pup for a few months if you can :)
  5. Hello by All4aBiscuit, on Flickr An old photo, but I love it! This is Cherry, my first dog who had been nothing short of amazing. She was a rescue so no idea of her breed, but common guesses are staffy, but have also had a fair few for boxer a small few for kelpie, ACD. Who knows! She is very smart, cheeky, and agile. Love everyone else's beautiful dogs. I love the second photo of Sarah! And Didi is one fine looking bedlington terrier ;)
  6. Hi Paws22, welcome :) There has been some wonderful advice given here, and well done on you for going down the registered breeder route :) BC's are a wonderful breed. I don't believe that to raise a well adjusted BC that you 'have' to compete or take part in any dog sports. Will they enjoy it? Of course. But majority of people I know who own BC's simply socialise, go to obedience classes, and enjoy good walks and games of fetch on the beach on in the park. They couldn't care less for dog sports, but the BC's don't care as long as they are spending time with their 'people' :) I think the key i
  7. What a lovely thread, have really enjoyed reading these posts! The one about Bear the toller just melted my heart Huski, Wiz sounds like an awesome dog! I love dogs with a great off switch, that will still work and work as much as needed :) Red Fox, gorgeous dogs. And I love the description of Tassie devil on crack, I'm going to have to steal that one for Biscuit He does look like a tassie devil crossed with a fruit bat too :laugh: It's hard for me to pick just one thing. Biscuit is such a special dog, I love everything about him. Perhaps the thing I love most, is his devotion to me. He
  8. Love reading through all these stories! Some truly amazing dogs here :) I always feel safer when my dogs are around. My heroic dog was Lassie...no, she wasn't a collie, which is what I originally wanted :laugh: I was a stubborn 8 year old who didn't get a collie, but instead, an amstaff mix, but was calling her Lassie - much to my parents horror :laugh: Anyway, when she was about 4 I was puppy-sitting a little cavalier mix for 3 weeks. She was a small little thing, just about 13 weeks old. We took the 3 dogs to the beach (Cherry, Lassie, and the little pup), as it was an overcast day and the
  9. Hi everyone, I have an update! Thankfully yes, it definitely is a cruciate ligament rupture. I know, doesn't sound good, but it's a lot better than being something to do with her lumps! The new vet was very nice, confirmed what the other vet said, and also had a look at her lumps. He said that they have characteristics of benign tumours which is good. I feel so much more relaxed now knowing for certain what we're up against. We'll do 8 weeks strict rest, treating her as if she's already had the surgery, and see if there's any improvements. If there is, we'll continue that way, if not we'll opt
  10. Thank you hannahrjb and ness Have Cherry booked in to see a different vet, at a different surgery recommended by DOLer Whiskers...will let you all know how it goes :)
  11. Thanks pers I will try my best talking them into it...I always have money set aside for my boy just in case, so if they give me permission to take her to a different vet but won't pay, I'll just use that money. If it is related to the lumps, I don't know what I'll do. At least I'll be able to take her out though for trips to the beach so she can enjoy the time she has left (she is on strict rest at the moment, just in case it's cruciate ligament). Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst I 'spose
  12. OK, so now I'm very worried. As she is the family dog it's not up to me, but if it were my choice I'd be taking Cherry to get a second opinion. As I have previously mentioned, she does have 2 lumps that she's had for a while that were too difficult to remove, especially the one on her girl part which, given its position, is practically impossible. Due to that, we never had any more lumps taken off (she has had in the past, though). So, she's had one on her back leg for a while now (the one she's limping on). As we can see some of her spine but not her ribs, the vet suspects that she already h
  13. Completely agree with all the above posts. I think as society changes, everything about owning dogs gets more confusing! In the days when dogs roamed the street, they were treated as 'dogs' a lot of the time. These days there is so much conflicting advice it gets so confusing. Use a prong collar they're a great tool, no they're cruel lets ban them, let dogs on the furniture, don't. As houses get smaller, and people communicate less, it becomes so important to keep an eye on our dogs at all times. Heaven forbid that Rover tells Fluffy off for being 'rude', these days Rover's owner can recieve a
  14. Thank you all so much :) Whiskered, I've been using Marlin Coast since i've lived in Cairns, and was told there was only one vet there who could perform the surgery. Thanks gila, good to know that another oldie bounced back so well from surgery :) aussielover she is 13kg :) Thank you so much ness for sharing your experience! I am in the same boat as you with Cherry being the family dog. My parents are quite averse to the surgery and are leaning more towards waiting 8 weeks to see if she improves, in following the suggestion from the website I posted above. It's great to hear how well she d
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