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    Raising and breeding my family of Bullmastiffs. <br />I have painstakingly sourced from Reputable Breeders, some of the best bloodlines both Imported and created here in Australia.

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  1. I am after the Australian national average hip and elbow score levels for 2011. For Bullmastiffs please.The level they say is for the use of breeders to guide their breeding practises.
  2. CRIKIES Sandra 777 on the 300 acres we have at Millmerran Qld we have got Goanna that would carry a Pekingese off for dinner and come back lookin for the pups. Electronic devices are the way to go mate!
  3. Hey everyone,my 3 Bullmastiffs will if i let them. The are in air con all the time and if i let them sunbake they get sunburned. True.. They are all light fawns and they too lay on their backs and all under where the skin is visable goes a dark. then at night they get itchy from it. I sunscreen them and all the itching goes.Just like the kids.
  4. LOL! Elly (Rotti) - Elysha (her actual pedigree name), Els, Elly-mog, Mog, puppy, puppy-mog, darling One day I tried calling her random names seeing which she would come to... she responded to anything similar to the above... she didn't come for Brunhilda though hehehe Lexi (Bengal kitten) - Electra (was her inital name, but Lexi is easier to day!), Lecki-puss, skitty (guess why LOL), ninja kitty (DP's 2yo niece couldn't say Lexi, and DSD1 was teaching DN to say "lexi come" so DN was saying "Lecki, come!" so that is where Lecki comes from ) Syd (kitten from RSPCA, but looks and acts inc
  5. Hello all, i just had to comment on how cheep it was for such a crappy job. cheers.
  6. Yes im with Gaylek on that. I own Bullmastiffs and as lovely as they are sometimes you must lead your dogs. But Gaylek sounds like an experienced owner. Thats why this dog if relocated should be done very carefully to everyone's best interests new owners and disposers. Be hard to sleep otherwise.
  7. Congratulations on your new Dog.. Sounds like you have a real lady on your hands. I have a Bullmastiff i rescued from a dog breeder at Capalaba Brisbane. She had been bred by this person who was breeding with her from a young age and had 3 litters out of her at 2 years of age. I went to this address to look at pups advertised and when i arrived this dog was segregated from a managery of animals includeing several breeds of dogs. The woman said she was savaging the other dogs and she was unsociable. She was in an awful state of fitness. Not starving but obviously had never recovered fully from
  8. I dont know about that because when you "Google Dogs online" well the "cccq/Dogs qld" are right there next to them. I think 1 person driveing up the coast is a worry and not much of a guide about anything. Do the right things,promote your own kennel and dogs, If they are good and you prove to clients the quality of your stock and your methods of breeding is produceing quality then what is there to worrie about. Politics and scare tactics from other organisations and there members are always going to rock your boat. Worry about you and your kennel and any inspections that may come along becaus
  9. I can well imagine it would be a huge task. Who would be able to start it? You? Would you begin the ball rolling Stonebridge? If I could I would! Sadly I dont think many Queenslanders would be up to wanting an ex kiwi to try to save the Qld doggy world. ;) But you can Stonebridge..thats the whole point. Its simple for all breeders to do what they can. JUST BECOME ACCREDITED AND A MENTOR...That gives you the chance to do everything on your watch. But its the same with all breeders...thats what i think this system is really all about. Breeders policing breeders. And who better for
  10. I have said this in another thread, If they want something that makes the good breeders stand out why don't this issue an award or a membership themselves - Not buy it, it is issued. Money can buy anything. ANKC would pick and chose who got approved - im not sure how they would do it, to me it has more merit then buying the Label of "Accredited Breeder" I started this thread because i was indeed confused with the new system and breeders interpretation of it. Personally i always believed the breeder who shows their dogs and wins rewards for doing so over and over with numerous dogs was acc
  11. I had 2 of my dogs go through the whole thing with general anastetic and everything went well untill the Vet sent my xrays to Wyburn who as this thread explains he is ill. Now the vet tells me they are trying to get my xrays back to send to AVA and have them done there but i wont hold my breath. Cost me $1200 for the 2 of them. My vet is very experienced with manipulating the dogs for the best xrays. Hope this doesn't drag on for weeks and weeks.Bloody annoying.
  12. I never thought of it much before but when at home or alone with my dogs i treat them like a dog but when in conversation with other people about my dogs i do refer to them being like my children so as to express how important they are to me. Just like my children. They are dependent on me!
  13. NOPE, I've just accepted that those too frightened of being subjected to scrutiny will condemn anyone who has the courage to stand up and be counted. All I see written here is a reaction to fear of discovery. Belittle, discount, condemn and take all steps to destroy something which is threatening to you. I'm a much more positive person than to choose to become part of that. And yes, I'M AN ACCREDITED BREEDER !!!!!! AND PROUD OF IT. Can you say that No I didin't think so. Please dont say that...The road got tough so you folded..Is that what an accredited Breeder should do when
  14. Wags I can see that you have totally ignored the views of experienced breeders expressed here. Of course you know better, know more than anyone else. Especially those old, stupid breeders who know nothing. Good luck to you. Not just "experienced" Lowenhart, but four of them who have made comments in this thread, I absolutely admire and consider they set the benchmark when it comes to breeding practices , welfare and producing quality dogs. Yes it makes it hard if you are being mentored by long term outstanding breeders who refuse to except the new system. As a new breeder with on
  15. Taken from Dogs Qld Breeder Accreditation The Facts. HERE Maybe the Breeders don't feel the need to pay the fee to "prove" what they are already doing. I don't how you can call it going out of their way to comply IF they are already conforming with and surpassing what is already in place. Just a thought. When i say out of their way i mean pay more fees and the system also mentions mentors whom have to travel to other breeders and check on their kennels. Wouldnt you call this an extra activity for a breeder whom normally would be concerned with their own kennel,shows ect. I would call t
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