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  1. Ok I'm leaving the forum, thanks to all those that have helped me.
  2. I'm not even being nasty I just didn't agree with a post but oh well
  3. Really for wanting to participate in a dog forum not a bag people out forum. No worries. Report away.
  4. Well fifi just waiting patiently... I think the other "fellow doler" had a ridiculous thread and so what. Ill leave her/him alone k.
  5. Not interested in tv shows or pregnancy.. Troy help me!
  6. Yup I've passed 150! Hopefully Troy can help out asap.. Its killing me just quietly
  7. Thanks it wasnt showing up before so I must have done something silly. Cheers
  8. How do I get rid of it so none of them come up when I "view new posts". I dont want anything non dog related. Thanks in advance!
  9. That is horrid! And I doubt they will, there's only so many times pitbulls can be defended after doing something without being provoked (shuts mouth now).
  10. My pup had vaccs at 6 10 14 weeks.. Her last vacc left her with a HUGE bump on her back before her first show, I wouldn't taken her at 12 if I had had her papers by then. In saying that, my girl picked up kennel cough but a strain that you can't vaccinate against from her first show but I would've taken her again if I had another chance because her case was extremely mild. I am a paranoid puppy mother so I know how you feel but I THINK it should be fairly safe
  11. Someone please explain to me what her parents were doing?
  12. QUESTIONS 1. What is my relationship with the breed? (ie breeder, first time owner etc) Owner of three 11, 9 and 4 months old 2. Where and why was the breed first developed? A tax collector invented them in Germany because he wanted an agile dog that would persuade people into paying their taxes. His last name was Dobermann. They are a mix between quite a few breeds. 3. How common is it in Australia? Less common now with the docking ban 4. What is the average lifespan? Around 10 years although some are living longer now days 5. What is the general temperament/personality? Alert, sooky, loyal, active, goofy 6. How much daily exercise is needed for the average adult? 1 hour high intensity or 2 hour walks a day depending on the dog 7. Is it a breed that a first time dog owner could easily cope with? I coped when I was 10 years old... but I was very dedicated and you must be able to control and train them and willing to put in the hard yards but I dont want to discourage people because I would love to see more dobes around 8. Can solo dogs of this breed easily occupy themselves for long periods? I'm not too sure they are very smart and active so I wouldnt advise leaving them alone all day (my youngest goes to daycare) 9. How much grooming is required? Little 10. Is it too boisterous for very small children or for infirm people (unless the dog is well trained)? I would say yes but it depends on the dog, they are extremely gentle when trained and are used alot in elderly homes in the USA 11. Are there any common hereditary problems a puppy buyer should be aware of? Yes, I would pick your breeder carefully 12. When buying a puppy, what are the things you should ask of the breeder? (eg what health tests have been done (if applicable) and what is an acceptable result to those tests so the buyer has an idea of what the result should be) All of the below.
  13. PME I semi retract my statement as I was thinking of this thread which is news from the UK: http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...216595&st=0 Although seeing as the RSPCA had a big imput on docking and BSL you would THINK that if they believe people shouldnt be breeding for a buck they would try bring in some laws about that aswell...
  14. oh exactly their priorities are all wrong.. oh well more cash in the pocket for them.
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