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  1. Thanks @Papillon Kisses -- I have. He's gone through training multiple times as well as been seen by a dog psychologist. He was ok on the meds but he became less 'happy' overall with the amount of meds he needed to be on in order to be ok to be left at home. After his surgery I stopped the meds and he seemed that his personality was much happier and bubblier and as long as he had company (at the dog sitters or with me etc) So whilst I can start the meds again it still doesn't 'solve' the problem but makes it a lot better. If I can find a way to have him with me for work and get him to work (via public transport!) then it'd be manageable.
  2. thanks @tdierikx @juice @Powerlegs @RuralPug I appreciate it. Hopefully Jane sees this and can help me find a suitable home for little Sprocket. Here's a couple of pics of my fur baby
  3. I'd love to find my dog (Sprocket) a new home. I have two dogs (both from the pound) and due to a marriage breakup my dogs and I live in an apartment. One of my dogs is fine but the other (Sprocket) is finding it very hard to adjust and has diagnosed separation anxiety. He's fine with a few other dogs and him or with at least one person and him. I've been managing by taking both my dogs to the dog sitter every second day. The dog sitters aren't at home all the time but have two dogs of their own and Sprocket seems to be fine there. But they aren't looking for another long term dog and I honestly love love love Sprocket. He has recently had surgery which was a significant amount (I'm sure regular dog people will know what sort of numbers I am talking about... and he wasn't insured at the time) -- as you can imagine adopting him out is not something I'm considering lightly. Sprocket is supposedly a schnauzer cross but I have no idea. He's cute! and loves company. Can walk off lead. Doesn't like small children. Sprocket is about 9 years old so not a spring chicken but walks and acts like a sprightly young thing. Here's a video of him from a few month's ago (he's the one first in shot) https://photos.app.goo.gl/6R7pNoZBBtvEZbb26 A recent photo (within last two weeks) https://photos.app.goo.gl/2kTP1Xp8ciwSBBd68 Sprocket on a hike (yes he can hike and we do ~10km hikes!) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Cy9oJ5KzQUbtSuoA8 -- this was in April pre surgery so I haven't been on such a long walk again yet but he seems to be back to his usual ability. I just want the best for my doggie. If I could find someone who was close by who I can have dog sit him during the day and I just pick him up that'd be ideal but I haven't found that yet so to be fair to Sprocket I think it's best for me to find him a forever home. Any suggestions/advice etc welcome. This was the site I came to when he was first diagnosed with separation anxiety and whilst it's not cured it's managed by dog sitting mainly. I live in Hurstville (South part of Sydney) but happy to travel for the right home for Sprocket.
  4. Thanks everyone! I figured as much but took the plunge. I had been in contact with a lot of trainers/rescue people in the past 3 years looking for a good second dog so did a bit of ringing around for advice before hand. Unfortunately I had fallen in love with the little mutt so she is now home with us. She's settling in pretty well and is trying to get Sprocket to play with her all the time. He's dealing with it just like any old grumpy dog with some grace and some small growls. I think it all seems normal from what I can understand.
  5. I'm planning on adopting a dog from a pound (Blacktown Animal Holding) We've done it before a few years ago and he's the best dog ever... except Sprocket's got separation anxiety (and thunder anxiety). Something we can't determine by checking him out at a pound. So I've been looking at Rescue dogs via PetRescue. And put my name down etc for a few. But haven't found one that would work for us. However one came up on PetRescue which was again at Blacktown Animal Holding so I went to visit with my dog... and I want to adopt her (and have fallen in love with her). I've asked for advice and stupidly am going to ignore it. (Everyone advises me to not get another dog if I haven't fixed Sprocket's separation anxiety issues). I don't think he's got it that badly as we are able to train him to some extent to stay at home by himself when we go to work. (If it rains I then take him to someone to keep him company!) My concern about the new adoption is that what if it doesn't work out? What if Sprocket teaches the new dog all his bad tricks (only the anxiety really!)? She's also unlikely trained in anything (can't even walk on a lead) and we're just normal people who have had dogs. I've never had a puppy as we always had rescue type dogs. So I've never had to toilet train or lead train or do anything like that. So my questions are around support... What forum (or area of this forum?) or other help function is available? Is there a dog parent's helpline number to call? What happens if it all gets too much and even training (and getting a trainer in to help) doesn't work? Will a rescue organisation be able to help? Or is it something that I will have to deal with myself? Is there the equivalent of respite care? Do foster carers ever offer discounted boarding options? Trainers cost $$$ and whilst we are happy to pay for services we don't have super deep pockets. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!