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  1. Chlorhexidine is a surgical grade disinfectant and antiseptic. it's used to sterilise surgical implements, flush wounds , and all sorts of nonsense. It's about $16 for a 500ml bottle from chemist warehouse. Fecking amazing stuff.
  2. Ooh, and super glue for use in closing wounds in a pinch.
  3. Sheesh, I hope the poor thing won a bloody meal!! That is not "lean", or "slim", that's horrific.
  4. The golden paste has worked well for my lot. I didn't really notice a significant improvement, but I certainly notice these days if I take them off it.
  5. Rose hip vital has done wonders for one of mine. We got him as a 10 year old (bull arab mix), and I honestly thought based on his condition that we would be lucky to get 6 months out of him. He's put on muscle tone, now has little to no pain, and we've had him for over 2 years now, and going strong! The others, the rose hip has worked alright, but nothing close to what it's achieved for Coda. I'm having success with Glyde with one of the other oldies, it seems to work well in conjuction with the rose hip for him. I buy the rose hip vital equine, it's much cheaper and the only di
  6. Not so much glucosamine, but still joint support/pain relief, I use rose hip vital for some of my dogs. One of them was in really bad shape when I got him, to the point where I actually thought we'd only have a few months with him (The rescue told me he was 10). He's a completely different dog since being on the rose hip vital, he's put on a huge amount of muscle on his legs that were super wasted, he moves so much better, he'll be kicking along for a while now I think!! I buy the horse sized tubs because they're much more economical for my lot (I have 4 out of my 5 on it and they're all
  7. Firstly, I don't agree with the sale of animals in pet shops as it is currently done. That said, all of these people all over the internet that were clamouring to have these particular animals removed that day, where would they have gone? At least they were inside in the market place, in open cages with airflow, with a huge amount of foot traffic going past (so any animals that were heat affected would be noticed and attended to immediately, if only to avoid looking bad in front of customers). Was the temperature any cooler anywhere else? Could they guarantee that the animals would have g
  8. My sister feeds it to her two, they do fantastically on it. She feeds it with beef/heart mince, and it's been great, seems to really keep them full too. For the last week or so, she's been feeding them kibble instead as her online order didn't arrive when it was supposed to, and they have been acting hungry, which is out of the norm for both of them.
  9. Very talented. I tried my hand at needle felting, but stabbed myself one (million) too many times...
  10. I used to make ice blocks for my ferrets (before they were in the nice air conned house!!), and I've found it best to freeze the kibble on its own first, then put it in water to freeze up an ice block, otherwise it absorbs water and goes gross and mushy and all over everything. For the dogs, I usually made either a weak stock mix or just plain water, I had a nice big container that was just a tad smaller than their main water bowl, so would just dump it in the water bowl so they could have a nice cool drink.
  11. I bought one for about $13 from Kogan.com, works like a dream. I actually bought it for crumbling up chick starter for baby quails!!
  12. One of my sister's cats is an absolute stress head, he's had a couple of urinary blockages in the past. Haven't had any issues with that since switching to Kirkland signature, evenjoy through stressful times like moving house (stress seems to have been a trigger for this before)
  13. If it works for your animals, it's absolutely worth the price of membership for that alone, it's a huge saving on similar sized bags of premium kibble.
  14. I still use it :) I love it, the dogs do really well on it. I recommend it to everyone so much i think that costco should start paying me for endorsement! I prefer the grain free one, but will get the regular one if that's not available, haven't had any issues with either of them. My sister feeds it to her cats and found that they didn't do as well on the grain free one, their coats became dull and ratty, but they do amazingly on the regular version.
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