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  1. Good Bully Sticks

    the ones I buy in Melbourne and trust me, they have no smell. I've purchased from a few different suppliers and they all smell bad. Where do you get your ones from twodoggies2001?
  2. Spitz Breeds

    Just wondering if anyone uses any special type of collar that doesn't result in matting around the ears? My Sammy's fur has been matting horribly with a flat collar on so he is currently naked around the house. Ruin Maniac - my Sammy loves to fetch too, although he doesn't give the ball back without a bit of a prance around in front of me first Edited: for spelling
  3. Are there any other clubs/locations for sled dog racing? Would love to try it but Bendigo is a 3 hour drive from where I am.
  4. Suddenly Being Possessive Of Items

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I do have a reputable behaviorist recommended through DOL that I have dealt with in the past so I will let them know of the issue.
  5. Suddenly Being Possessive Of Items

    He's a Samoyed. It only started about a week ago and it hasn't gotten too bad in terms of actual biting or anything, but I'll definitely speak to a professional if it gets worse. I've tried ignoring him and just walking right past the toy/bone to show him that I'm not interested in it.. not sure if that helps?
  6. My 9.5 month old has suddenly become possessive of his items, such as his bone and his favourite toy. Generally it only happens when he is lying down or sleeping and when I move to get off the chair/sofa/floor (or even move a leg, literally), he'll bolt up barking and slightly growling and run to grab his bone/toy or stand over it guarding it. When I yell no (to the barking/growling), he'll continue to bark/growl. If I put my hand down to take the item away, he'll put his mouth over my hand, but doesn't actually bite down on it. Previously there haven't been any issues and I could easily just take a bone away from him without him even making a noise. The only major thing I can think of that has changed recently is that we are now eating our dinner before we give him his dinner. Does anyone have any advice on how to combat this behaviour?
  7. Why Do Dogs Hate Roxy?

    Which suburb are you located in Pawfect? Roxy sounds like the perfect play buddy for my boy Koda. He's an 8 month old Samoyed and is super bouncy and just wants to play with absolutely everyone! I live in the south eastern suburbs (Keysborough) so maybe we can organise a play date somewhere in the middle?
  8. Lion Hunt

    I was going to post it too! Here is the video clip - click Hilarious!
  9. And At Last It's Time For Puppy Preparation.

    I thought my Samoyed pup was abnormal for never wanting to sleep on the soft plushy pet beds! From day one, he preferred to sleep on either the tiles or the floorboards.
  10. Car Seat Covers - For Dogs

    I picked one up from Kmart for around $15 I think. Has holes where the seat belt buckles are and adjustable straps that go around the head rests to keep it in place.
  11. Sporn Halter

    What is the difference between the sporn harness and a normal harness Labradork? I've tried using a normal harness on Koda (Samoyed) with no luck and we are now using the Gentle Leader which works wonders, but he isn't 100% comfortable with it. He is fine with it on if he is distracted like when we are walking, otherwise he would roll around on the grass trying to get it off. Would prefer to use something that he is 100% comfortable with.
  12. Can I ask what LAT stands for?
  13. Crate Games

    Great, thanks for the replies everyone!
  14. Crate Games

    Can I ask where everyone got their Susan Garrett Crate Games DVD from? I did a search but only came up with American websites with hefty shipping fees and nothing came up on eBay. Also how much can I expect to pay for the DVD?