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  1. Hello, We have slot of white flies in our backyard, we have tried home remedies but didn't work. We are looking for something that is dog/pet friendly. If anyone knows of something please post the details. Thank you
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies! We will probably let our dog settle in first and see how he goes. If we need to maybe look at another golden, female, or a spaniel. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi All, We have a 2 year old Golden Retreiver and as you all will know, he is the most amazing, kind and beautiful boy ever. Very submissive and obedient... When he wants to be haha. We have been living with our parents for 6 months with there 2 terriors and some good land. We are about to move into our newly built house that has a 10 x 9m backyard. It's a descent size yard and we walk him twice a day as well. We are worried he will be lonely and sad without the other dogs then, so were thinking of getting another dog. Going to let him settle in first and see how he goes. Have always loved Beagles and were thinking of one but always been warned about them. We will have good colourbond fencing so won't be able to escape. Dont't want another bigger dog but don't miniature either, medium sized dog. If anyone has any ideas, links.... Would loved to hear them. Thank you Thomo
  4. Hi Everyone, A friend of ours has a dog that has kennel cough. Has been told that childrens cough medicine could help. Wondering if anyone has tried this before? Thanks
  5. I am sorry i should have been more specific. I was meaning a kennel as in a place for the dogs to stay if we were to go away. We were looking at the following place: http://www.cottagekennels.com.au/
  6. Hello, We are wondering if anyone has any feedback on the kennels in the area of South Morang in Victoria? Thanks
  7. Hello All, Just wondering we were thinking of putting some mice/rat bait in our pantry cause we think we may have had mice in there, just cleaned it all out. We were wondering if it would be dangerous if the mice eat it then ran off and die and if our dog found the mouse and either ate it or chewed on it? he wouldn't be able to get to the bait itself but would it be dangerous if he got the actual mouse? Thanks Thomo
  8. Will try the poo thing first but the more permanant sand pit sounds like a great idea, although we are renting so have to see if the land lord would be happy with something like that. Thanks for all your help everyone. P.S I just thought though if we did do the permanant sand pit, wouldn't cats use it as a toilet?
  9. yeah what everyone says above he is... loves been the puppy he is. Yes i agree he would love to find colder soil to dig up and get his nose cooler... the holes arne't big enough to lay in. We walk him twice a day if we are home like the weekend or a day off, otherwise once a day usually at night because we go to work early but its a big walk. I know the morning would be better but don't possible. We have many toys that we rotate to make things interesting for him.
  10. ok no worries, thanks. Would have been nice if you could
  11. yeah i was thinking of burying his poo in the hole.... thanks, good idea
  12. i was just wondering thats all, like you can claim medibank private health insurance for people directly at some doctors and was wondering if you could with pets as well. Guess not.
  13. Hi, Our Golden Retriever is 9-10 months old and never used to dig in the backyard in the grassed areas but has started to do so, alot of holes are apprearing We have a sand pit in a clam shell for him to dig in, we have a bungy rope that he loves, we on hot days have a pool in a clam shell as well, he has slow release toys in the backyard as well. We are after some advise.... if we fill the holes in, is there anyway of preventing him doing this again? perhaps something in the soil we fill them with or something. Thanks
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a Vet in the northern suburbs (South Morang) area that you can claim your Medibank Pet Insurance straight away? instead of sending off the forms etc. Thanks
  15. Hi, We have a grand parent with very poor eye sight and we were thinking a seeing eye dog would be pervert for her. She is based in Adelaide and we were wondering how we go about applying to get one and what the requirements are? Any help would be great. Thanks
  16. just rang the information center down there and we would only be able to go between 7-10am & 5-8pm
  17. ok awesome, thanks! Yeah i think tomorrow is going to be 23 and sunny but yeah will keep him on lead for a while to see what he does as he hasn't been to beach before and we will go from there. Thanks
  18. good point hadn't thought of that but there must be people with dogs as pets down there that take them to the beach?
  19. Hi Everyone, I have tried finding it on the websites but didn't have much luck so i rang the council of the area and i have to ring back on Monday which will be too late. Would anyone know if there are dog friendly beaches on Phillip Island that are all year round? as we want to take our puppy down there, tomorrow, Monday 12th December. Thanks
  20. Hi, We are travelling to Adelaide, from Melbourne, and we are trying to find somewhere nice and pet friendly to stay half way there. We have a Golden Retriever and its just way too long for him to travel the whole way without a descent stop on the way there. If anyone can reccomend some places that would be great! Thanks Thomo
  21. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone can reccomend somewhere in Victoria, northern suburbs, or online that sells dog food cans (puppy & adult) in bulk? like 24 cans or something. We have already bought bulk dry food. Thanks
  22. Hello, We would love to bring our Golden Retriever Puppy, 5 months old. He is very, very placid but still not 100% trained. Wouldn't hurt a fly though. We just want to make sure it would be ok for him to come? also our parents have a little Jack Russel and could be interested in coming as well but they aren't a DOL member. Thanks Thomo
  23. Hello Everyone, Our Golden Retriever puppy is 5 months old and we are wondering how much food we should feed him now? the cans say 2 cans of wet puppy food per day. We feed him 3 weetbix in the morning and sometimes we give him a bone. Thanks
  24. Hey Everyone, Our puppy Golden Retreiver has now grown to the height where he can jump and reach the clothes hanging from the clothes line. Any suggestions for stopping or detering him from doing this would be great. We have many toys and we just hang up and strentchy toy from our pergola that is like a bungy cord which he loves and we have ordered a sand bank for him to play in. So we are trying to provide many things for him to play with in the backyard and keeping his mind active. Thanks
  25. yeah we have a glass sliding door as well and we have put a hard placstic accross the screen door so that we can't cut himself on the screen door but yes he has crashed into the glass door a couple of times. We have tried today to introduce new "outdoor" toys for him to play with and bones work for soo long. Its hard to listen to him cry all that time and it seems like it won't stop. We wait for a quiet period and then let him in and we don't make a big fuss about it either. He is attending puppy pre school on saturdays so hopefully that will help.
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