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  1. Thanks everyone, appreciate your responses :)
  2. Hey everyone, I've recently had my 3 year old bullmastiff diagnosed with arthritis in his right hind leg. I've spoken to the vet about different treatments and am currently having weekly injections (catrophen) for the next 4 weeks which is supposed to provide releif and help with movement in the leg, if it works I will be doing this every 6 months. Has anyone used the above treatment? What was your experience? Also are there any natural remedies anyone has found that worked well? Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys. Just interested to know what everyone has used in the past and found helpful. I have taken my dog to the vets in the past and as I said it is a reaction to his surroundings, but is only seasonal and will clear up eventually however in the meantime I'm looking for a cost effective and natural way to help sooth him and make him more comfortable.
  4. Not sure if it matters at all but he is about 3 years old.
  5. Can anyone recommend any products they have used for a dog that suffers itchy skin? I have taken my boy to the vet in the past regarding the issue and could only put it down to his surroundings. He does only seem to get bothered around this time of year. I have used shampoos (Malaseb etc.) as recommended by vets in the past which do help but I wander if anyone else can recommend maybe a homemade treatment they found soothing? He's treated regularly for flees and I haven't found any on him... Any information would be helpful. Also names of website's if anyone knows any for the above information I am after. I do realize someone may have already posted a similar thread as above but my computer is being unbearably slow at the moment making it difficult for me to go through them! (sorry!). :) THANKS!!
  6. Hey, just wandering if anyone can tell me of a product wich helps sooth skin, and prevents itching from fleas? I have a 12 month old Bullmastiff who has been effected by fleas.... I've never had a problem before until now.... I've been treating with frontline, and a dog wash (the name of which escapes me!)..... My poor boy is red all over his stomach and is losing fur in spots as he is scratching/chewing contsantly. I've heard of a flea treatment which comes in a pill form..... its said to be really effective and the fleas supposedly "fall off" not long after having it..... Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!...... We used to have bichon x maltese, however she was a little terror!, we took her to puppy classes and the like but she simply never listened.. Couldn't let her of the lead, when she did she would run off in the other direction, once diving into someones fish and chips they were having on the beach, and again jumping into a complete strangers car! She was very agressive as well, god forbid you went near her when she had food... She would take of climing through the fence, something she did often once she figured out how. In the end we rehomed as she was such trouble! Believe me when I say we did every thing we could! We thought after such a bad experiance we should do some more research into breeding and dogs behaviour before getting a new pup..
  8. Can anyone one recommend a flea wash that they have used and like? Also what are people's opinions on flea collars? Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, Just wandering what people could recommend for a small dog? I was looking for something thats not "overly active", doesnt malt much, a bit of a "cuddly" dog..... Something that doesnt have that agressive "small dog" attitude. Thanks in advance!
  10. My 13 week old bullmastiff's ears are fairly dry (underneath the ears, not on top) no bleeding or anything but the skin underneath is flakey. Is there something anyone could recomend putting on his ears? As i could imagine it is uncomfterable for him.... (sorry about the spelling!) Thanks
  11. Just wandering what joint supplements people use for large growing pups and/or their aging dogs? Any foods/ products that anyone could recommend? Thanks
  12. Just wandered what people do when feeding puppies bones, Someone suggested to me that I should be feeding my puppy Chicken wings, they mentioned breaking the bones down using a mallet. I'm just worried that he will swallow the bones... If i use a mallet though will it be fine to feed to him...? Thanks
  13. We feed our old farm dogs (Kelpies) Kelp, we found it helped them with any stiffness it had in the joints .. Our old kelpie Zac would ran around playing with the younger pups and would come out and help with sheep work out in the paddocks no problem (just to point out he was about 15 years old and still doing this..) Its something we feed our horses for the same reason. Its not that expensive so even if it doesnt work out for you your not paying heaps of money for it.. you can buy it from stock feeds.
  14. Hi, Thanks for your information, I wasn't to sure how long I should keep them on a similiar diet of the breeders, so thanks for that . the breeder did give me some information on different things they fed their puppies and older bullmastiffs of theirs. I'm more or less wanting my pup to have bit of a healthy variety. Any tips/suggestians you have on this breed I'd appreciate, the more i know the better!
  15. Hi GraceMcC, Do you mean receipes for treats or a home made diet? Just so you know, Bullmastiff is one word, "Bullmastiff", not "Bull Mastiff" - it's just a little thing but drives the Bullmastiff people crazy! JR Hi, Thanks for that, it didnt look right to me when i typed it up.....
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