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  1. Has any one lost a pup but the girl retained the rest of the litter my girl 2nd litter - first fine delivered a very small pup on day 48 took her to reproduction vet and he scanned her and found two or three more she is now on progesterone tablets as he did an in-house progesterone test and she was 8. Hope we get to full term with remaining pups but never had this happen before any one had this happen and did the remaining pups get to full term
  2. Its a pain isn't it - I always ring Dogs Qld and ask them anything I'm not sure of.
  3. I had a girl who used to have a progesterone drop from around week 5 so she would get progesterone tablets every day till about day 59 or 60 - she carried the litters to full term and delivered naturally with this help. She lost her first litter at day 51 so hard to go through. Also a lot of the grain free diets contain soy or flax or flax seed oil or pea products which are phytoestrogens and can render some dogs very low or no fertility - not recommended when breeding dogs. Google it its very interesting. Also ran into a long term old breeder who told me she had been told by an old greyhound breeder to give your girls a quarter of a teaspoon of epsom salts a day leading up to their season haven't tried it but cant do any harm. Good luck with it I hope she produces puppies for you. Silent seasons are a pain - some girls keep themselves so clean you wouldn't know - I do wet kleenex test every day leading up to when I think they should be in season.
  4. Was recently told some high end dry foods that are grain free and contain flax seed oil and pea products can cause infertility in dogs have found a bit on it on line but wonder if anyone actually knows anything about this first hand. I mostly steer clear of dry foods and go for raw and not had any real problems in my breeding but know some others who have had problems and use these products.
  5. ive always made it a rule that I never take my girl with pups out walking just in case they pick something up and bring it back to the pups. Had an enquiry from a friend who has her first litter and she asked if it's ok to walk the New mother along with her other two dogs it's not a big litter and pups are two weeks old I did say I'd not do that but what do others do.
  6. There used to be a couple of companies that imported semen for you and would offer a better price from a certain country and they do all the paperwork - emails used to come through quite often offering this service but lately nothing and not much when you try a search for semen importing dogs. I am interested myself but all the paperwork scares me it seems very complicated. A Queensland lady did a group import for me along with other earlier his year from USA but decided Sh e would only do it once it was such a lot of work and stress.
  7. Thank you for hat it's a wonderful idea - hope I don't ever need it but it is good to know. Hope your girl is getting along better now.
  8. i have a girl I want to breed I have imported semen from USA but thinking it may be best to do a natural mating /litter first time and use the frozen semen on her next litter. I found an old post from 2010 with both ways recommended. Has anyone had success with a maiden bitch using frozen. It will be surgically implanted. Read also to do a back to back using a natural first then do the frozen AI. My girl is a miniature poodle not sure if anyone has had success with a poodles doing the frozen AI. Will be using Phil Thomas in Brisbane.
  9. That sounds like what I do. Only started pups slightly earlier if a big litter for mum. Yes cut mums food down as they eat more.
  10. There is Manly Road Manly west that does it in just over an hour. I travel from murrumba downs to use them for just a normal mating. The cheapest in Brisbane. My friend who lives in Caboolture also goes to them. Have you used frozen before. From all I have read you need to be so spot on because the frozen sperm only has about a 12 hour life. I hope to do this next year myself and will probably use Phil Thomas the prices are sky high but he seems one of the best around. I believe Murrumba Downs vet owner had a litter that she used imported frozen for and did it herself with good results. I don't think they do In house though have been meaning to follow it up.
  11. i have decided to import semen from USA. I have had contact with the owner of the boy I want to use and going through an agent who has been very helpful.My next step is to send an agreement or contract to the owner of the stud outlining what each will do, cost to me and what her obligations are. As this is the first time I have done this I wonder if anyone has done such an agreement and what things were put in it. I have checked with Dogs Qld and the semen becomes my property once it arrives and all necessary paperwork completed. Anyone that may be willing to send me an agreement they have used would be wonderful just looking for some guidelines.
  12. my poodles favorite toy was the kong squeakair ball extra small. The composition has now changed with the new model and my dog does not likes the new ones at all. We searched for old stock and have bought any we have been able to find but can't find any more. We take the cover off first and she just loves these balls. The new ones are of a different material and are harder and a different colour. Any suggestions. I am writing this post on behalf of a good friend who loves her dog dearly and wants to keep her happy.
  13. It's very expensive There are agents that do every thing for you except find the dog and pay the stud fee. I have been looking i to Importing semen fromEurope. The people seem very helpful genes in Motion are one that I have spoken to they will be able to answer a lot of your questions.
  14. A friend of mine made this one with recut Bunnings sheets.
  15. I too am going through exactly this. Another question would you use a maiden bitch for AI frozen. I have someone from Cryogenes that I have been put in touch with looking in USA. i hope to hear back apparently it's around $4500 just for the semen to get here all up and then between $1200 and $1800 to have it put in your bitch. But like so many others with not much in the gene pool to choose from where else can we go.
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