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  1. Itchy pups are a PITA ! There can be numerous reasons for this. There would be a lot of tests you could do – but most are very expensive. A good place to start is to look at what you are actually feeding him. If he is continually itchy – then his immune system is out of whack. Preservatives, food colouring and grain seem to cause the most problems with pups. Don't forget to look at all the 'sneaky snacks' your pup may also be getting. http://healthypets.m...like-crazy.aspx These websites may also help you. http://www.vetsallna...bruce-articles/ http://www.prime100.com.au/
  2. I hope you 2 have checked with the Body Corporate of your building or your Rental Agent whether you are able to have a dog of GSP size in your unit ? Some Body Corporate of Buildings do have a size (weight) limit in their by-laws. Good Luck !
  3. Voted and shared and remindered ! Remember that you are able to vote once per day - every day !
  4. So, when you previously rented from these landlords - were there any problems ? Did you pay a bond to them and did you get the bond back when you moved out ? If you have signed a lease and there was a bond involved - has this been registered with your state Tenancy Tribunal ? I agree with others - speak to the Tenancy Tribunal as soon as you can.
  5. Heaps of Happy Birthday wishes Stan !
  6. Diane - have you been in contact with your dog's breeder at all through all of this ?
  7. 'Rainy', the vet I use - specifically asks that other pets are present. The argument being that there is closure for the remaining pet/s and they are not left to wonder where the other pup is. I have done this twice now with really good results and absolutely no drama. There was no force used at all to keep the remaining pet there - it seemed each time - that was what they wanted to do. Sad to read that you are preparing for this !
  8. Have a look here - it may help ! http://www.tasdogs.com/dates2014.htm
  9. 2 id's Jed? Sorry to say - that you are incorrect - again - with your assumption Rebanne ! I am sure that you have checked out my previous posts on this forum - as few as they are !
  10. No - it is not April Fool's Day - Rebanne and Aussie3 ! Definitely not from my perspective !
  11. To Dear Jed, Thank you so much for this thread. I have had a really good laugh at all the indignant members' replies to your initial post. It is a real shame that they are not up-to-date with all the latest or proposed legislation or what most rescues and pounds now expect ! Keep well !
  12. Elise + Hudson - have a look at this link: http://www.vippetfoo...74,1432,00.html
  13. I will have to remember this one ! Gold !
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