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  1. Most vets have DIY Hydrobaths on their premises. My Pet Warehouse has DIY hydrobaths in their stores. Probably the other large pet stores have them too. It would be worth calling to ask.
  2. I echo Dame Danny's Darling. I don't know anyone who knows more about Cavaliers than Jed does. Jed will set you on the right track.
  3. Does anyone like this new website. I don't think much of it.
  4. I pay $85 per dog for grooming. This is for Cavaliers who are brushed, combed and slickered regularly. They go to the groomer with no matts or tangles, they just need a bath, nails clipped and a tidy up. I like their coats in their natural state and very little scissor work is needed. One of the groomers was evidently clipping the underside of my dogs ear leather and the clippers must have slipped. I have a dog with one lovely long ear and one with a 6cm gap of hair missing from the bottom her ear that will take months to grow back. The groomer offered no explanation and charged me $85
  5. To take care of someone's dog for nine weeks is a huge responsibility. I would be looking at more than a basic payment to cover costs. You should be prepared to pay a very generous weekly payment, particularly as your dog has a health and wellbeing issue. Namely HD. Have you seen how and where his dogs are kept at his premises? If this man has other dogs and is working full time he won't have the time to prepare your dogs raw meal each night. How much input do you expect from him in reference to your dog's HD. Will you leave it up to him to decide whether your dog needs vet
  6. Firsttimecavmum. Are you picking her up by placing one hand on her bottom and the other on her chest inbetween her front legs? That's the best way to ensure you don't hurt her when lifting her. Getting into the habit of lifting this way will stand you in good stead as she matures. Is there a reason why she can't walk outside with you when you take her out to toilet? She needs to learn to walk outside to empty bowels and bladder. If you carrying her out each time you might find she expects this every time and she may not take the initiative to walk outside herself when she has
  7. My dogs get all the puppy shots and then a booster at 16 months. After that they have no more vaccinations.
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss Griff. Fly free, Sirena
  9. Juice do you want to sell the meds you have. Do you have Fortekor? If so I'm interested. Would you message me please if you're interested.
  10. Just distract her with a toy Paul. My Rotty girl did the same thing as a young puppy. I used to say Ah Ah quietly and give her the toy.
  11. Don't despair yet LuisK. The bottom canines should be behind the top ones in a Lab (as opposed to, say, bulldogs who are meant to have an underbite) but it sounds as though he has a significant overbite. The bottom jaw will continue to grow after the top jaw has finished growing. The adult teeth may come in nicely. Don't lose hope yet. I trust your breeder will be involved in this process and if your pup does need a canine dentist when he matures, it would be nice to think the breeder will kick in some $$$. Don't play tug with your pup and make sure no one else does. I made that mistake w
  12. Different breed here but I'm referring to a large breed. My large breed had a perfect scissor bite when she was around the 18 month old mark. The top jaw had indeed finished growing and her jaw alignment was perfect but the bottom jaw continue to grow and she ended up with an underbite. So the top jaw does indeed grow faster than the bottom jaw. However the bottom jaw takes longer to reach it's final position. Most people describe all jaw problems as an overbite but often this is not the case. My vet gets overbite and underbite mixed up too, he kept referring to my dog's overbite (in con
  13. Sorry Tint, I haven't been back to DOL until now. If you're interested in these two bowls you can have them for $15 all up. I gather you'll collect them from me to save on postage costs. The $$ will be donated to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. If you pm me I'll receive email notification of your message.
  14. I have two almost new Spaniel water bowls. I'm in Mount Waverley Vic.
  15. One of my GSD's had both carnassials extracted and his facial features didn't change, neither did his eating habits.
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