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  1. Thats probably not a bad idea. Alot of people have a soft spot for the sibes. "Omg blue eyes!!!" etc etc... Plus if i pick one of her, showing she's well groomed [which at the moment she isnt ] it might go in my favour :D
  2. I'm looking in the richmond area. My budget is anywhere up to about $430. I dont need to move yet, im just searching for now, but intend to begin renting in about 6 months or so.
  3. I dont understand what is wrong with that?
  4. It seems to me, that there are quite a few people with dogs, living on a rental property. How is this done? Because i am having the most difficult time trying to find suitable rental houses that will allow pets. Everything i find will not allow pets, or will only allow cats or possibly a small dog. Does anyone know of any goodways to find properties hat are ok with pets? Are there particulr agencies that specialise in it? Particular suburbs even?
  5. Hmmm. I think i might start another thread about owning dogs, and rental properties.
  6. I think it comes down to your home, the breed and temperament of the dog, your lifestyle, your experience with dogs and your financial capacity. We have 3 GSDs at the moment and will be joined by our 17 week old WSSD on Sunday. Each dog has it's own distinct personality and energy levels, although our laid back GSDs would be happy to be permanent lounge lizards if we'd let them. I work with them full time and keeping them mentally active is very important. A bored shepherd equals a destroyed house and I think our landlord would be most displeased if I let that happen. We wouldn't want any more as it is a nice balance of ages and you can take two out for training and leave two behind. If I had a job away from home, we wouldn't have this many as I don't think I would have the time to keep them all happy. Our lifestyle revolves around the furkids and every thing we do we regard as a training opportunity - even feeding time. We find it easy to keep four in line but I wouldn't want to hand over 4 to a first time dog owner. Another person renting, with multiple dogs! How are you guys doing it! I am seriously finding it impossible to find a good rental property, that allows dogs. i only want to take 1 dog with me. Is there a real estate or something that specialises in pet approving rentals?
  7. We have 2 bitches that dont get along. So one of them is permanently inside. We also keep the basenji inside, as he tends to think he can rough it out with the big boys. Often ends in tears The others, generally get on fine. But we do have a couple of dog runs, for when bitches are in season etc etc.
  8. I suppose its better to have ants in the food bag, than to have dogs. I have numerous times, walked into the laundry, to find a mischevous [bloated] puppy, with its head sticking out of the bag. I suppose its the true meaning of "Fat, dumb and happy"
  9. True that. But i think, when you get anywhere above 10. Its crazy no matter what your situation, especilly if your at a figure up round 20 or 30
  10. Well, i'll take it straight from the horses mouth. Rather than listen to some here-say Thanks for clearing it up.
  11. 10 Dogs on an acre??? :D I'm on 4 acres and IMO it would still be too small for 10 dogs! lol. Well, the thing is, they have the entire yard to use. Its quite a long yard for them to run up and down. But they just spend their entire time sitting outside the back door sleeping. The only time they use the yard is to chase the rabbits, and any other wildlife that roams in.
  12. Again? I am going to throw this machine out the damn window! It lags up, and takes like 10 minutes to refresh the page. ARGHHHH!!!! It doesnt help, that im bored useless, otherwise i would find something else to do, until the net wants to sort itself out. :D
  13. Oh, wow. You have 2 dogs and you're renting? I've been looking for a place to rent, need to take 1 of the dogs with me. But i am having an impossible time finding a suitable house, that allows pets.
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