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  1. Brilliant thank you!! I thought the Rottweiler club might have something. Thanks Espinay, I had found the OFA form too however it wasn't quite what I was after. Very happy thanks guys!
  2. I am trying to find a template or useable form for proof of full dentition. Does anyone have a copy (blank) of a form they have used, that a Vet would complete to state all teeth are present and bite is correct? Much harder to find than I had anticipated!! And yes I have called several reproduction Vets and none of them provide this paperwork and only one of the several I called actually understood what I was asking for!
  3. Thanks Diva. They don't look that expensive. If I can add a question on top of SSM question of equipment - what crates do people use for showing in Summer? I normally have a c-crate but was about to get huge soft crates for each dog instead. Do people find soft crates stay cool enough (With a cool mat in there?)
  4. Slightly sorry. What exactly is a polar cool mat & where is the best place to get a good quality cool mat?
  5. Is there a breed breakdown available posted anywhere?
  6. Is that an MDBA specific offer? I can't see it on their website.
  7. Jed did you find out if there was a problem? Parkeyre how did you get on? I am interested in offering this to my puppy buyers and have just signed up - so interested in feedback from breeds who have used this already. Cheers.
  8. Dog News Australia wrote July 2013, no date. My apologies. I couldn't see anything so specific on the DAFF site but it might just be me.
  9. There has been no official statement released as to the changes to the importation regulations and when they will come into force. Really?! I've read it in print somewhere (as that date)! Which is disconcerting! Thanks for that, will go off in search.
  10. Rabies Vaccination @ 3 months. Titre test blood taken @ 4 months. Dog can fly 150 days (~5 months) after the date blood was drawn for the titre test. So yes about 9 months. I believe with the rule changes which come in 1st July the dog can fly 170 days after titre test but only has to do 10 days minimum quarantine as opposed to the current 30. I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure the rules remain the dog cannot live in Australia until a minimum of 180 days post blood drawn for titre test. Edited because I'm posting from a mobile and it wont post my grammar properly!
  11. Does anyone else have any more literature resources handy about this? My questions would be; - what is the effect on the uterus of a dog who is bred with each cycle, as opposed to the one that isn't? - is the decrease in risk of a consistently bred bitch proportional to the increase in risk of other cancers as a result of breeding? Is there an increase or decreased risk of other cancers (ie. breast cancer) with regards to breeding? - what is the overall strain on a bitches body from a litter (conception to weaning), and how does this compare in regards to physical strain (use of vital nutrients, any affect on bone density and the resulting issues from that, etc, etc) on a consecutively bred bitch, and one who is not? - Is there a line which can be drawn regarding amount of litters before there is usually a transition from positive effects to negative? Don't get me wrong, I do agree and see the value of breeding a bitch consecutively and then speying younger, however I'm just wondering if there is any literature comparing the bitch who is regularly left to cycle and kept empty, and the bitch who is regularly bred and speyed after 'x' amount of litters - and comparisons of rates of different cancers, other infections or issues, life expectancy, degenerative issues, and so on?
  12. You beat me to it - my next suggestion would be could you import a bitch you has been mated to him (several times! lol) That way if she comes over empty you still get a bitch for your troubles and if she comes over with pup(s) then you get your male and don't have to import from him &/or a son. It's up to you how quickly you try for, but in July the quarantine rules will change so your pregnant bitch only has to stay for 10 days, not 30. ETA: If you chose to go ahead with importing his semen (post evaluation - which yes I believe is a given in the freezing process) you would be best to ask if the dog is crossing over into Germany at any point. It could potentially reduce your costs by thousands ergo reducing the amount of money your risking.
  13. Batfink! ETA: (My wings are like a shield of steel!)
  14. Ask if he can have his semen assessed (frozen and thawed) for viability. If you can get the required minimum amount then awesome! Otherwise, is it possible to get semen from a recent male offspring?
  15. Sill can't get over that wall of toys!! Happy Birthday gorgeous boys
  16. My apologies for not being clearer - I completely agree with you 100% What I meant was being negligent in terms of not testing for known health conditions with reliable tests. Ie. HD etc.
  17. Surely you can be held accountable if you are negligent in breeding with animals with detrimental health conditions? 20.1.16 A member shall take responsible action to reduce the incidence of hereditary diseases in accordance with the ANKC Code of Practice for Hereditary Diseases. There are several statements here: http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/Portals/0/assets/aboutUs/Regs-Part-20-Codes.pdf that would make me differentiate between a registered breeder and a byb'er, (health testing aside). This is VIC specific so not sure on other states.
  18. A 'Registered Breeder' should belong to their respective state body (or canine controlling body) of the ANKC. You can find the contact details for each state here: http://www.ankc.org.au/Contact-Us.aspx and then either call, or see if you can navigate the website
  19. Bichon Frise... I cannot help it my eyes just take over. And a nice Jack Russel terrier.
  20. In answer to your original question I agree with Cryogenes. In addition to trying to share a container, the actual country you wish to import from will make a difference in the final costs, so maybe you could speak to them and find out which countries are most economical and see if you can get your desired bloodline from those countries instead. Or ask if the stud dog will be travelling to those countries soon for big shows?
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