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  1. Aggressive Dog At The Beach

    Thats good to hear that you reported it. Atleast the council is aware of it now.
  2. Mixing Kibble

    We mix all the time. Gives them a variety. I dont see any harm in doing it. They actually love it.
  3. Rotty Owners

    Nice photos guys. :)
  4. seriously... some people. *no comment*
  5. Aggressive Dog At The Beach

    Very irresponsible. Any outcome so far?
  6. Staffy Pup

    Definitely not pure bred. Cute pup! Enjoy your new family member. :)
  7. Rotty Owners

    http://www.rottweiler.net/forums/breeding/100111-moya-vom-hause-edelstein-x-medoc-vom-maulbeergraben.html Very interesting read. Seems likes overseas breeding standards are more strict compare to here in AUS.
  8. Rotty Owners

    IMO, There shouldnt be a need to feed your dogs supps. Feeding them premium food with raw bones, fresh veges and some fruit is enough. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  9. Rotty Owners

    Nice Photo. His just chillin on his luxury pad!
  10. Rotty Owners

    Very nice photos laneka. Wonder where i can find a river/lake like that in NSW?
  11. Rotty Owners

    Morning all! :D TGIF Looks like a lazy weekend. Weather doesnt look too fancy
  12. Rotty Owners

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I can now say that this is my new home (during work hours) lol. Yes, i have been reading for ages now. Pretty much from page 1 - current (1331) and i sure there is plenty more to learn. :D
  13. Rotty Owners

    Hello Everybody! :D