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  1. Thanks rascal I'll give that a try :) any tips for getting her to actually pee on it?
  2. I''ll give the jacket a try - I'm not hopeful though! Did you do any training to encourage them to keep their jacket on? I'm thinking an indoor toilet might be a necessity as our little Tibby doesn't like weeing in the cold either - and she should be warm enough! lol Which indoor toilet did you get rascalmyshadow? Or did you make one?
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions? My little short-haired chi feels the cold, and doesn't like going outside for a wee when the weather cools down, but always takes her coat off within 5 minutes of it being put on.. I have tried a few different types but she is a little houdini!
  4. I have just got my first chi :) In the past I have mostly had staffords, and one tibbie, so little dogs are fairly new to me. I am concerned about little dog syndrome, I am aware of mostly what causes it - but I am in a bit of a quandary as my chi pup is so small and I don't want to make her fearful either. So how do I socialise her without traumatising or babying her? It seems a fine line to walk! For instance, at the moment she is walking nicely on the lead, but if a loud car starts it's engine she will freak out a little, and stop walking. I encourage her to keep walking - either, just keep walking myself, then if she's still not walking I will call her and she is usually fine. But how do I judge what is too much for her? Is exposure to people enough - without any actual contact? If she doesn't initiate contact with someone, then should I just leave it? Ie. if they are talking to me, telling me how gorgeous she is, do I ask them to let her have a sniff of their hand(which seems to be pretty scary for her at this point) or just wait until she is feeling more confident?
  5. I've made a couple of claims on my petplan insurance and it's only been 2-3 weeks each time. The only thing I am annoyed about with them is that they have just increased the pemiums AND excesses.
  6. In respons to Steve's posts: She had no temperature. The foster care co-ordinator assured me that many dogs have this issue, I am not happy with the way the shelter has handled this issue and I do not believe that they are an ethical rescue, there are many indicators which lead me to believe that they are trying to move dogs through no matter what. She was deliberately squatting and lifting her leg to wee. I am going by what I have been told here and by the foster co-ordinator that excessive urination can be behavioural. The owner was told about the urination issues. I am unsure as to how to proceed with this shelter- they have not been great to deal with and if I hadn't had the advice from this forum they would have easily convinced me that all was well and that the dog was fine i think the dog see the vet as parrotpea spoke about getting the all clear form the vet and her teeth being worn down. yes, I am an inexperienced rescuer. I am trying to learn all that I can. The vet gave the all clear on her - full unrinalysis - one day before her adoption. The vet said that it is unlikely that there would be bladder stones without any signs in the urine. again, I am just going by what I am told, I don't claim to be an expert - I, possibly naively, believed what I was told by the vet, and members here, and the foster co-ordinator. I am still in contact with the new owner so I will suggest the x-ray if there are ongoing issues. any advice is appreciated :) Especially on dealing with a probably less than ethical shelter. Totally agree - of course an older dog can be house-trained - and I have been using the K9 Pro recipe for urine spots. What do you use?
  7. Did the crystals show up in a urine sample dbcs? Well yes - I am glad she wasn't pooing - or weeing in my bed! She was deliberately squatting and weeing, and wasn't straining or looking to be in any kind of discomfort. She was recently speyed (18th Sept) so it seems most likely it is a behavioural issue. She was adopted today - her new owner understands that she has the weeing issue, but it looks as if she will be great friends with her new owner's existing dog, and will spend a good part of the day outside with the other dog, and the rest of the time inside being cuddled :D
  8. The cough disappeared after that one day - not sure about heartworm. Is there anything I can do to help her with the weeing?
  9. Steve - your inbox is full. The vet gave the all clear today, and suggested that it is probably a combination of marking territory and anxiety, and probably never having been toilet trained. Her teeth are really worn down so vet thinks she may have been an anxious chewer - I haven't seen any chewing behaviour at all with her so it seems it was directly linked to her stressful situation. I have a lady coming to meet her tomorrow, not sure if she already has dogs or not - hopefully she wouldn't be marking so much if there weren't other dogs around?
  10. Thanks Persephone - that is my feeling too - that even if it is not a UTI it is something that needs to be dealt with as it is possibly going to be an issue that results in the return of the dog to the shelter if the new owners are not willing or able to get the vet work done
  11. Thanks Steve - that would be great I got the sample late last night, and have had it refrigerated. She is booked in for 12 today. The foster co-ordinator has mentioned that they have but two other female dogs in foster care at the moment who have a similar issue but no UTI and that she believes it could be a result of being ex-breeding dogs
  12. Thanks for the tips - got a urine sample - long-handled serving spoon! Will take her to the vet with sample in next few days :)
  13. I have heard back from the shelter, and they have said that they will make a time for me with the vet to take her in with a urine sample :) Dogmad - I totally respect your point - rescues do such great work :) There are a few things I disagree with, with this shelter, but I respect what they are trying to do, so I will do what I can to help them :) eta: and I am happy to recognise that I do not have any experience with neglected dogs, so I am trying hard to remember that these dogs haven't been treated well like mine - so they could need a bit of time to get back into decent shape. thanks for your comments - it is a pain taking her out all the time as well as cleaning up constant puddles. One of my cats recently had a UTI with the same symptoms, which was why it rang alarm bells. Working on getting the urine sample.
  14. I have a couple of sterile urine collection containers from my own vet, so I shall attempt to collect some urine from her and have it tested one way or another. I still havent heard back from the foster co-ordinator. Any tips on how to get a urine sample? She is only weeing for 2-3 seconds at a time so it's going to be a challenge!
  15. I would love to be able to take her and just pay for it myself, but that's just not an option at the moment I will contact the foster co-ordinator and see what she thinks, I have had a cat with a UTI before, and I wonder if that is what she has...I did contact the co-ordinator after I had her for three days and told her about the weeing and she thought it was probably from being in a shelter environment, but it seems after a week that it should have settled down - she has certainly settled into life here - she is very happy here and a gorgeous little family member :D
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