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  1. We did an elimination diet under vet guidance and at first had trouble identifying a readily available protein he hadn't had before. Our dog will react in about 72 hours, breaking out in a red itchy rash along his belly, in his armpits and groin. It takes about two weeks to disappear. It took us well over two years to identify the various triggers and we now have a list as long as my arm. All our dogs are now on the same trigger free diet as the one with the allergy is so sensitive. Beware as I have come across one dog food company that, even after I gave them a list of known triggers, failed to declare the origin of one of their ingredients until I did further researched and pushed him on it. His response when I told him he was trying to sell me food my dog was allergic to was that the ingredient in question was one of the best things you can feed a dog with allergies. Um no, not if the dog is allergic to it.
  2. Given that members of the public have called my white swiss shepherd a poodle, a pyrenean mountain dog, a labrador, a greyhound and even a wolf, I don't hold much faith in the accuracy of the stats.
  3. We used a can o worms farm but decided to give a Pet Poo Composter ( http://www.tumbleweed.com.au/PetPooComposting/PetPooComposter.aspx) a go as we have three large dogs and we either needed to start a second can or upsize to something with more capacity. So far we're not impressed as we think the worms up and left home despite an ideal set up, conditions and plenty of free food. I'm about to contact the manufacturer about it.
  4. I had a 12 1/2 week old fly from Sweden to Sydney (overnight in London), then 4 weeks later fly from Sydney to Perth. I was an emotional wreck, he was fine.
  5. Alongside the South Gippsland Freeway on the Mornington Peninsula.
  6. The mealworms were supposed to be for the chickens. Now that the dogs have discovered these tasy new treats (eww), I've got five hens and three dogs lining up for them. I need to learn how to grow mealworms so we can keep up with the demand.
  7. Judging by their response this afternoon when I accidently dropped one, mealworms seem to rate very highly. They also really enjoy dried caviar and dried tuna.
  8. Both Canidae PureSky and the Artemis SOS duck have chicken fat in them.
  9. People have offered me their husbands, kids and teenagers in exchange. I think they were joking....
  10. I had our five inside drying off on the shelf under the tv, not at all concerned by the dogs snoozing close by. I admire how bold these girls are. A couple are just like Blackie.
  11. Cant really see what the difference is if they bring it for a yearly fee and you stay for 12 months go away and then come back again surely it would cost you just as much if not more .you would be one of the few who cancelled it anyway. From memory the lifetime registration for just one dog was $150. At the time we had three dogs, only one of which was desexed. Annual registrations in other states/ territories are usually significantly lower. We didn't have a choice regarding cancelling it. Our new council wanted proof that we had cancelled it before allowing registration in the new area. I don't know how others get around not having to cancel when reregistering in another state. Also the lifetime registration does not take into account the variation in general lifespan of dogs. Is it fair that the same fee is charged for a great dane as it is for a chi? I'd be supportive of life registration if other states would honour it. I can't see that happening though.
  12. About time! We wrote to our MP about getting this changed in 2006. The law is very unfair for those who don't permanently reside in NSW. We had to pay lifetime registration for our dogs even though we were only going to be there 12 months. We then had to cancel the registration in order to register them interstate because the dogs were not legally allowed to be registered in two places. If we ended up back in NSW, we'd then have to pay lifetime registration again because by law we had to cancel it. We will be penalised because we obeyed the law. I would strongly protest having to pay lifetime registration fees every time we move back to NSW.
  13. No. There are anchor points at the front but escape has never been an issue with this lot. Keeping them out of the bath is our problem.
  14. We use ours outside. We bought the parts from Bunnings (two way tap adaptors with on/ off switches, tap connectors, hoses etc) and made our own. We leave it connected to the laundry tap, then connect a hose to it and run it out the door to the bath on wash day. That way we have constant warm water available.
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