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  1. Vet Nurses>>>>

    Im looking for something more via correspondence as I work full time at my clinic.
  2. Vet Nurses>>>>

    Help from fellow Vet Nurses please :) WHAT TRAINING PROVIDER (TAFE ect) DID YOU USE TO GAIN YOUR CERT/DIPLOMA? I'm having trouble deciding where to do my Vet Nursing course. What where the pro's and con's to where you did your course. Any suggestions or help would be amazing! Im very open to listening to all opinions. I'm in Victoria but I am very open to distance education from other states. Also what text books do you have and recommend? Thanks SO MUCH in advance guys.
  3. I have had workings with Anne Neville and find her to be a lovely and thorough vet. She is definitely into everything holistic and alternative which is rather interesting and I am not adverse to her dealings in any way. I do recommend her. She also have some very lovely Vet Nurses (Mel and Jo) working for her. Her clinic is called East West Vets. However my highest opinion belongs to Dr. Bob Cavey (at Ultimate Vet Clinic . In Narre Warren South). He has beautiful bedside manner, many years of experience and will listen with understanding. His clinic is very clean all the time which is a contrast to the above. I recommend going down and having a chat to Bob and the team.
  4. Agreesive Blue Heeler

    Weasels: Yes you have put that perfectly! Thats exactly what I think. I was refering to the fact that I dont want to use avoidance as the answer to our problems. It needs to be fixed (I understand that this will need training and that it doesnt come natually).
  5. Agreesive Blue Heeler

    Weasels: "Do you know if the Staffy x was entire? My boy (also Diesel ) is as sweet as they come with 99% of dogs, but the only 2 he's ever snarled at were adult entire males. If there is a common factor in the dogs he dislikes (and you can work out what it is) it may just be a matter of keeping Diesel away from certain dogs. " - No I dont know the dog or if he was entire. No common thing with the dogs, as I said there has only ever been the Golden Ret and the Staffy, He regularly plays with another staffy. Inevitablue: Thanks! Sounds like we are in the same situation. "He doesn't sound like a lost cause at all." THANKS! Pretty Miss Emma: "To the OP - triggers are really important to recognise (we just avoid them still." - We shouldnt have to avoid situations at all. He should be behaved. Kavik: "I have found that mine are more likely to react to a dog with forward body language that could be interpreted as rude/challenging/dominant." Yes I do believe this could be the case. Is it possible for a dog to misread other dogs body language?. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR REPLYS SO FAR I Live in Victoria, Pakenham. Any recommendations for a professional would be great :D
  6. Hi Guys, Just wondering if you could please give me some adivce or if you have been through this before? BACKGROUND: Diesel is my Blue Heeler, is is just over a year old. He was castrated quite early to help curb agression (about 4-5mths old?- not that he had shown any at all- just in case. While he was a pup we went to the dog park several times a week to socialise. At the time I was working at a pet store and he came in with every day. So he saw heaps of people and other dogs. So... very well socialised as a pup. There was one dog (a golden retriever) that he never got along with well. It was my best mates dog. They all ways used to fight and bicker but nothing ever came from it they would just settle. The bickering got a bit worse as they got older but most times they would come good and be fine together. It seemed to be when the humans were around that it happened. ANYWAYS. We were baby sitting Noah (the golden) for 2 weeks. Everything was fine. I actually thought that they were becoming friends - laying on the grass together and stuff. Towards the end of his stay one night Myself and the two dogs were in the lounge room. Noah was sitting near me and Diesel was around to. All of a sudden something pissed off Diesel and he started a fight with Noah. At first I wasnt worried but then it got serious. There was serious contact between the two. So (stupid me) jumped in between them to seperate them, but that didnt stop them. As I held each collar they were still fighting so I chucked Diesel in my bedroom. Finally... Peace. During this I got bitten twice- indirectly however (if either of them went me directly they would be put down pronto). Diesel went to my mums until Noahs parents came home. This is the only dog he has ever been agressive with. They have not seen each other since (a couple of months). Diesel hasnt been around many dogs lately (past few months) as we dont live near a dog park anymore and I no longer work at the shop. (He got bitten by a Rottie when he was very young and didnt seem scared by that event at all. Even played with other rotties at the park later that week). Today we were at the vet getting his 1yr shot. He met a tiny toy poodle and was so gentle and wanted to play. In came a rottie/staffy thing. They "met" for a second then Diesel had a go at the other dog. He was on a lead so im not sure exactly what Diesel wanted to do/or would have done. He groweled and snapped at the other dog. This is the first time he has shown agression to any other dog. PROBLEM: Im worried that he is showing agression. I dont find it acceptable. Any ideas on what I should do? Has anyone else had a blue heeler with this sort of problem. I do think that he is overly protective over me. I think this is a problem too. He is an excellent guard dog (im not impressed by thie either) but had never show agression to a human when they come inside. HELP???