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  1. We have just used Makara for 5 of our dogs. Excellent service- we express posted the disks and had results within 24-48 hours. Very happy with the scores as well.
  2. I have four dogs here and luckily only a few scuffles and no fights. 1 desexed male, 2 entire males and 1 entire female. They all do very well under supervision, with only the oldest entire male cracking it at the younger one (due to excessive excitement, general youngster silliness- all noise and no actual contact), so I am careful to manage things so nothing escalates and intervene when needed. The desexed male is snarky with food, so nothing is ever left lying around. Due to this, I separate when I am not home into pairs. I think management is better than cure. It is easy enough, and the older dogs are quite happy to get a break from the younger ones and snooze on the beds. I know the younger dog annoys the older ones so best just to not put them in a position where something might escalate. I find it easier to introduce bitches into the pack, but would also not leave them alone with the pack without supervision. I find it very hard to have visiting entire males, with only the young entire male and bitch being accepting.
  3. Hi All I gave all my dogs advantix last night, but my 10 week old puppy has rolled in poo all over his body. Naturally he needs a bath before being allowed back inside, but was wondering if this would render the advantix ineffective? It would have been on for 13 hours already. Will I need to reapply it in 24-48 hours?
  4. Good luck with your new puppy! Although I got to say my dogs are far quieter and less noisy than the Chihuahuas we see at shows.
  5. They are all so different. My JS is very hyperactive, not the slightest bit nervous, loves everyone and loves to run as far and fast as he can. His recall is pretty good now a 3 years old but hopeless with the distraction of any person or dog as he always wants to rush up to say hello. Far too friendly for his own safety. He is much harder to train than most as he isn't a foodie and treats cannot compete with his excitement of being out and about. It took me until he was 8 months to get any sense out of him on a lead. My Border Collies on the other hand were all perfectly lead trained and totally focused on training and pleasing me, in any environment by 10-12 weeks. I love my JS and he provides endless entertainment with his antics but he is so different to a BC that they are like a different species. Your JS sounds very different to mine. While food helps with training, a major motivator for my male is just the desire to please and get attention/cuddles. Definitely depends on the individual and also the family lines too. I have noticed a substantial difference in my dogs, most of their close relatives to other JS. My dogs are fairly typical in temperament for their gender from the breeder I got them from, and so were the puppies I bred from my female.
  6. I would never get a short haired breed even with the threat of ticks, don't like the look or feel of them. as long as you run your hands through the coat and check regularly you should be fine. Both of my JS have excellent recall, It depends on the training you do. They also rather stick close to me than go galavanting off. Also depends on tje temperament, my female is super easy to train, male is harder but just wants to please. They definitely adore their chosen 'human', but I dont find them nervous or skittish around strangers, just indifferent and approach them in their own time.
  7. I have a 6 year old entire male JS. He is great, doesn't lift his leg on things always toilets outside. The only times/things he has lifted his leg on things is when I have had my other dogs have accidents, or visiting dogs who went to the toilet on the floor or lifted their leg on the curtains and he then followed it up. Otherwise no problems!
  8. Once a day in the afternoon or at night. I feed them at different times so they know they will be fed but just not when, which gives me flexibility for feeding times depending on the day and they don't harass me for their dinner.
  9. Genes in Motion are great, have had a really good experience with them. Very reasonable price wise also. here
  10. Love blackhawk, its the only thing mine have been able to keep weight on and also their overall condition is fantastic. Don't like using any other brand.
  11. State councils have to cover wages of staff who download data for member. What happened to access to ANKC database offered by NSW to its members that came and went very quickly a while back? Is it up again? It is up and running again :) I was under the impression that Victoria and QLD could access it now too via the online log in?
  12. Yes do not think I could stray from the Japanese Spitz
  13. 3 Girls and 1 Boy born 23rd September for us :) all doing great
  14. Mostly oodles and Border Collies. There are a few Japanese Spitz about however and Samoyed's. Seen some Weimaraners, GSP, A basset lives up the road and a Swedish Vallhund.
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