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  1. Gun Shot Over Shot Shot Over Gut Shot Pot Shot Dummy Shot Shot Through
  2. Well said "Breeders" like the one mentioned in the OP's post usually find someone to clean up their mess. Try to remember there is a real person on the other side, would you say this to someone in person? They have just stopped a dog going to the pound (or worse - since lately I've read far too many stories about people drowing the puppies they don't want), and sure they could have rescued one from the pound but instead they're getting one that hasn't spent days or longer locked in a cage (at 7.5 weeks old) and so will potentially make a better pet as a result. Accidents happen, it's not the puppy's fault and they don't deserve any less. You don't teach the indiscriminate breeder a lesson by potentially getting the puppies killed (kelpy/rottie crosses don't have the best odds do they). She gave him a good talking to, there's no more she could have done without putting the puppy at risk. To the bolded bit, yes I have, and yes, the language is different face to face And yes, I will continue to do so. There is no doubting this pup, from what the OP is saying, will get the best of love and attention, and that is a great thing. Herein lies a dilemma - we ALL can get caught up in what is seen right in front of us, and what WE can do in the here and now - these are the choices we make on an individual level. On this level, the BEST thing has happened for THIS pup. The thing is, most people looking at this level aren't looking at the big picture, and that is not necessarily their fault. The BIG picture is that for every pup or kitten obtained through the BYB market, there is one in a pound that will probably get the green dream, and a genuine breeder of a purebred animal, bred with greater certainty of genetics and temperament so that people can be confident in getting the "product" as described, finds it that much harder to find owners for their animals. Encouraging those that would go for an impulse "save" or purchase to think of the big picture can only be done through education, and there are many forms of that, as evidenced even in this thread alone.
  3. Agree with souff. Even though the pup was free, you've made it acceptable for that "breeder" to think its easy to off-load dogs. It doesn't discourage indiscriminate breeding at all, and the cycle continues. If there is no market, people might think again about breeding because of the difficulty of "getting rid of" the pups. The suckers of the world contribute to the problem, unfortunately.
  4. At Darwin's Pet Expo there is an engraver who will do dog/cat tags. I go to it every year just for that. Local Councils should also be there promoting their dog laws and registration. Advertise for strippers without being specific, and there might be a whole different clientele going to look, who may or may not be disappointed
  5. Fanbloodytastic! You've earned it, and I hope you go from strength to strength. I wish I got a photo of your face when you won the MDBA award
  6. Bugger, Pappy, hope she's on the mend soon and the vets know their stuff.
  7. Oooh yeah, that's a whole lotta cute. Almost as cute as beagle pups :D Congratulations on another lovely looking litter.
  8. I met a dog today that was a chihuahua x whippet, and looked a bit like a Manchester Terrier Kind of cute looking, but a snotty big dog in little body type, and called "Grizzly" :D
  9. Hard to convey your tone but what do you mean EVEN pound animals? I take it to mean that in the overall scheme of things, priority and precedence should be given towards purebred, registered animals over byb animals and pound dogs. I would not condone ANY dog or cat be released from a pound undesexed. End of story. The bone growth has to be a secondary consideration. Yes, large pound animals do deserve a chance to grow correctly, but not at the risk of them having the ability to reproduce upon release/adoption, that would be grossly irresponsible and not under the ethos of "rescue".
  10. This is a pretty common mix in my neck of the woods, as is shar pei x mastiff, or shar pei x APBT. Damn shame really, shar pei x anything is not generally a good mix, temperament wise.
  11. Definitely report this to your Council, that was an attack, regardless of the fact there were no injuries. And while you're at it, take some notes on what you remember: date, time, description of the other dog in as much detail as possible (size, colour, breed, gender, distinguishing features, behaviour), where you were, direction of travel, location of possible home of the dog, any witnesses. Also do a mud map, showing what happened. Do all this while your memory is fresh, and also state how you felt about the issue, if you felt threatened yourself as well that you were in imminent danger of being attacked that can also be considered a form of attack (menace) in some councils. If you don't report, council cannot act. The dog may already be known to council, in which appropriate action should be taken. And if not already known, it now has a history, and any future issues should also be dealt with appropriately. As for the other bit Corker!
  12. APBT x shih tzu. Tan, smallish, short fur, but fluffy ears and tail, and shorter muzzle. Fugly Border collie x bull terrier. Bully shape with bc colouring and fur. JRT x rotti. JRT size, rotti colouring plus some white, broader head. Apparently there are a whole lot of stubby legged mixed breeds based on a randy corgi around a few outstations in Arnhem Land due to the dog's owner being a travelling missionary, and chi crosses in the Kimberleys, probably for the same reason. Missionary position, or doggy style?
  13. 1) Vet advice 2) Research hand rearing 3) Put the word out for some sap rescuer that will "rescue at any cost" 4) PTS to do the kindest thing for the pup before it gets ill and dies a nasty little death. 5) Desexing, at the very least, of the female, at the earliest opportunity 6) Thank her lucky stars the poor bitch didn't have more pups. 7) Tell her to slap herself upside the head. Two entire animals, and there's NOT going to be a litter? Yeah, right. With 3 weeks to go before she spits her own progeny out, which translates to any second now, she's hardly in a position to hand feed the pup. If the pup goes downhill, it will do so quickly, if it hasn't already.
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