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  1. Water In Crates

    I have both but tend to use the k9 cruiser in the crates and car, road refresher bowls are their normal water bowls at home, they seem to keep spaniel ears out to a certain extent :)
  2. For Those Missing Someone This Christmas...

    Thank you. Crying some happy tears for my Sammy that we lost in March, a beautiful poem. Hugs to all missing those over the rainbow bridge.
  3. Dry Food Storage

    I have a plastic garbage bin with clips that snap the lid on.
  4. Mac's Last Days

    I have been following this thread and never really game to post anything until I read today's. Hugs to you. I am sure this week he will be spoilt rotten. My thoughts are with you.
  5. Loyalty Pet Treats

    I order treats regularly from them & find their delivery quite fast. Haven't ordered the tendons previously but have other things & found them good.
  6. Not Ready To Let Go

    I was in your shoes 7 mths ago with my girl Sammy. All the same things, she had a grand mal seizure. Continued with petits for 48hrs until the meds kicked in. We had 5 good weeks after that with good & bad times until she went downhill rapidly. My thoughts are with you, its never an easy decision but it can also be the kindest.
  7. Raising Two Puppies At Once

    I share your frustrations Sheridan it does get better!! Our puppy is now 17 weeks and we thought having the older two might assist toilet training Dante.. Yeh no.. Its only now he gets the toileting outside and we can read his signals. He would just sit and pee. No warning, nothing. We took him out everytime he woke up, played, had a drink, ate.. Then every 30-60 mins.. Dante is much better now but we still have to watch him. It does click eventually :)
  8. Agility Training Talk Thread

    Hi Jess, whilst I have multiple dogs, I don't trial multiple dogs. When I take them all to training, I put up a play pen and have thrown a sheet over the top. I don't know if that works for yours but I found that to be the easier option instead of lugging three crates. One playpen is much easier.
  9. I train at PADS which is at Eatons Hill. Our next intake won't be til June/July unfortunately.
  10. Prayers Needed - He's Gone

    Rest in peace Mischa..
  11. Barking Dog - Help!

    Ours have a dog door so can come in & out as they please.. We lock the screen door that has the dog door & push the sliding glass door across and shove a piece of wood in to jamb it into place. You could provide her with a kennel yes. We have always given ours access to somewhere inside. Our new place is low set so the lounge. Old place was a double storey so they had all underneath the house (garage & storage area). Both with dog door access. If you use a kennel, just watch where its positioned so if it rains it doesn't blow into the kennel. I'd put something in it that smells like you & get her used to going in & out of it. I don't have experience with the DAP collars. I have been putting lavender & peppermint oil drops on my oldest's collars to help calm (for other issues) but it seems to help.
  12. Barking Dog - Help!

    We leave our three with indoor/outdoor access when we're at work. They have a dog door into our tiled lounge & this seems to help with reducing the barking. Also removing vision through fences & gates. They all get a chew when I leave for work & race for beds. I used to give their breakfast in Kong Wobblers before we moved & this kept them entertained for ages. Sand pits and hidden treats in the yard are also good to entertain if you have just one. As a fellow spaniel owner, I know what you mean re talkative. When mine bark outside when we are home, they are called back in and rewarded for not barking. We are working hard on their barking, the cats across the road have taken to taunting them. Lots of rewards for not barking and things to do.
  13. My Various Zoo Outings...

    Lovely photos.. I just wanted to say, we just went to the Dubbo Zoo a week ago and loved it. So yes, you should go :) They have a very adorable baby hippo at the moment.
  14. Laminate Flooring

    We have vinyl in our lounge instead of carpet. Looks like timber floors. The three dogs are inside, and the floor stands up to some hard wear & tear. We love it that much, we're replacing all the carpets with the same vinyl. We were told to not get the floor soaked, so if it gets peed on providing its cleaned relatively quickly it would be ok. Besides if it gets scratched or what not, we can pull up that piece and replace it with a spare.
  15. Additional Pet Permit

    I live in Moreton Bay. When we applied for our third dog permit, the ranger simply came out and inspected our fences. When we moved and re-applied for the new house the ranger mentioned to us that if we got a noise complaint and did nothing, then yes we could be asked to remove the third dog off the premises. Do they enforce it? No idea. Moreton Bay permits are based on your block size. Just be aware of how many dogs you have on your property when its inspected. You are not supposed to have more than the allowable limit before your permit application. And you are not forewarned when they inspect. Each time, they have just turned up.