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  1. Doesn't she run a FB group, bagging the RSPCA? Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1083536528374841/about/
  2. That story saddens me, any loss of a young dog has that effect. Pity there was no magic cure/help available, for this stunning animal. I often wonder how people did manage - before dog behaviouralists invented themselves?
  3. We bought several of our puppies from ANKC registered breeders, on limited register, simply for the reason - that we did not want to show or breed them, ever. These animals could also have been sold to us with full registration papers - if wanted, as they were very well bred, mostly from imported stock. They were/are not animals the breeders did not deem good enough to breed from. It recently has come to my attention, there are cases of a puppy buyers/now breeders, entrusting themselves to a breeder, with the promise of buying their very expensively bred puppies - for showing purposes onl
  4. Could greyhound racing people/owners please post the happy ever after photos of their own dogs, whom they have saved - and who live with them, as claims are being made? I am sure we all would love to get an idea. Thanking you.
  5. Ok, now I'm confused Yd 1 has been adopted, so the pledge has fallen off, so to speak, right? Now the only question (for me anyway) is: should I move the pledge on to Yd 4 (the oldest dog on the DAS website at the moment), or should I watch and wait 'till next week - since at the moment there are 19 dogs listed, and 3 have deposits - or should I save my pledge for the young pup when/if he goes back to DAS? Interesting to know, from the reposted Facebook message, that the average rescue costs roughly $300... My pledges rarely exceed $50, which I guess is better than nothing, but nowhere near
  6. re your criticism of my involvement: See #17. I did go to the pound to find out what was happening and I did speak with one of the rangers and I have reported here what I was told. This issue had already been raised and asked about in the Urgent forum where it went unanswered but that is the norm for those threads. Questions are never answered. People even offered donations to help this girl but from memory they were not acknowledged. I started this thread to draw attention to that girl's situation and to try to help her and other dogs in similar situations. I am not sure exactly how else I am
  7. So sorry Teebs ~ about you losing your Spooky girl. xx Our Struppie's lymphoma was knocked back 13 months by endless chemotherapy treatments, the end result was the same.
  8. Rach, thinking of you and beloved Gipsy.xx I am sure she would have met up with all our loved ones by now. Bet you, Struppie and Strolchie have taken her out in the bush for a run.
  9. Black dogs - unfortunately I never owned one - they are stunning, especially when they come in high gloss. Can't think of any colour more desirable and eye catching. Black Great Danes, Greyhounds, German Shorthair Pointers, wish I was younger. :D
  10. Sorry, Ann, to find out about your Boofy's deterioration. Those damn tumours, we know too well. He is a very lucky boy, these last years with him were very precious. Never forgotten, love to you both. xx
  11. Poor gentle souls, wheresoever you rest. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-07/hunter-valley-warned-to-brace-for-several-mass-graves-of-greyho/6374006?section=nsw
  12. The lovable greyhound in the photo, most likely, loves the people who will eventually - without pity - butcher it.
  13. You travelled quite a journey together, best wishes for your Boofy.
  14. Thanks, Val, for taking the Mildura dogs and cats under your wings again.
  15. gapvic, what wonderful kind people. Love and respect to them all. Wished - I wasn't so old, with a sick husband, and a fragile dog with HD. Such a shame.
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