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  1. After years of not being on the forums I decided to take a look back at an old story that had meaning to me. I saw the same names, people who had encouraged and mentored me when I began rescuing all those years ago. It was so good to read the same people supporting and advising others. In the past, I had many people on here share my rescue joys and my tears at times. So, I’m back and am looking forward to the interaction with all of you again x
  2. For those of you that know Macky's story, you will also know that Wally my wolfy cross boy was his best mate. Sadly my Wal was diagnosed with multi centric lymphoma about 6 weeks ago & regardless of chemo I lost him on Sunday. I know Macky will have been there to greet him & they will be thrilled to be hanging out together again. So, while my heart is breaking for losing my boys, I am glad they are once again walking side by side.
  3. What a great name - just love it!!!!! Glad things are going well x
  4. Oh what fantastic news. Yay for Ellie and well done dogmad and others for your efforts to get this gorgeous girl a real home.
  5. Fingers crossed really hard for this gorgeous girl with her meet and greet. The pictures are beautiful too.
  6. Missing my boy, hoping he is really running free. Lots of family, friends and pooches around but one special family member is being sadly missed on Christmas day here.
  7. Oh and you are beautiful too for going to see her and give her a taste of being really loved
  8. What a generous offer, hope it helps her. Thankyou.
  9. Thank you everyone for your thoughts for my beautiful boy. My Macky came home yesterday. His little box says Mack - my gladiator. I have a lock of his fur, it helps xxxx
  10. It is with unbelievable sadness that I let you all know that yesterday I lost my gorgeous boy Mack. Those of you that knew my Macky knew that at 11.5 years of age, he struggled with aggressive bone cancer and its associated problems. Mack has, and I'm sure will always be, my most rewarding and heartbreaking rescue ever. He has been my dearly loved friend and a dearly loved and respected member of my doggy pack. We all miss him terribly. I read a post recently about rescue making you lose your mind but find your soul. I found my soul with this boy. Having Mack in my life has changed me - for the better I think. I have never felt such compassion and love as I felt with Mack in my life. The vet told Macky yesterday that he should have been a 'gladiator' because of his determination to survive all odds but sadly yesterday my gladiator got too tired of the fight. I am heartbroken (and my doggies at home are fretting terribly over his absence).Please say your most heartfelt prayers for my beautiful gladiator boy and pray that he is running pain free and that he knows how loved and missed he is xxx
  11. Such a perfect girl, good for u for seeing just how perfect she is xxx
  12. R.i.p. Whitey - My Beautiful Boy

    I appreciate it lots. They came up beautiful. The little beads are handcrafted porcelain. The cats are cute too. I bought them for the dog and cat themed suncatchers I am making and thought they'd look nice on the cross. k9angel, the words and poem you have written for your Whitey are just absolutely beautiful and clearly tell of the love you had and still have for him. My heart feels very sad for you and for your loss. He will wait for you x
  13. Child Killed By Dog

    Sorry buddy but I think you watch a little bit too much tv and whats with the taste human blood thing.They are dogs not vampires.Thats like saying every dog that hunts pigs is unsafe and that would be wrong too.Any dog that tastes human blood and not in the context of protecting owner or property or owned by the services should take a dirtnap. What kind of vicious dogs being owned as pets are we talking about?You cant make this breed a safe breed?Dude you dont know what you are talking about.I have owned them for a long long time I also have small children.Rule number one always surpervise them.Know your own dogs and un derstand animal behaviour and recognise signs.Dont own unstable dogs nor make excuses for them.It does not take just one thing to set them off at all.You make them sound like they are a crazed killing machine and if they were as you described no one would be able to own one as they would be uncontrollable and that just is not the case I am sorry to inform you.You have been blinded by the media sensationalism as have many.The real American Pitbull Terrier is not a child killer. EXACTLY Bulldogsforever, how many of these stats about dog attacks include a temp assessment on the owner - not many I would think! Anyone that generalises about a dog breed (or anything else for that matter) is simply revealing their ignorance .