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  1. I have one and love it for my Malinois, but he is very well crate trained. Your dog really needs to be perfect in a crate or they would just rip through. There is a bit of a knack to folding them but it doesn't take long to become good at it.
  2. Online Puppy Class's

    This course will be amazing as Kelly has so much success in Obedience competitions and Agility. Puppy owners couldn't go wrong. Online support and feedback makes it so easy:)If you ever have the opportunity to meet Kelly's dogs, the Wonder dogs, you will have no hesitations, just awesome.
  3. Great work PAX With Bindi I am now getting 3 legs in & with Cricket..well...most of the time he tries everything else including a lovely "bow" in the box :laugh: but we are getting there. I agree it would be a lot easier to have someone watching the back legs & doing the clicking. It is very hard to see what's going on behind Sheena, if you have a floor length mirror to see the hind legs works well too:)
  4. I have done a lot of shaping with my puppy and she is very operant, if you haven't done much shaping reward often.This is as small as want to go with her, she is trying really hard. Also I set a timer on my phone and make shaping sessions usually 60 seconds, I know my pup can hang in there so I set the cut off at two minutes, thats a long time for them to be trying hard. http://youtu.be/vOwQut78fCIallest
  5. Here is a clip of me shaping my puppy to get in a box, I started with a square laundry basket (youtube didn't want to play itrr ) and gradually reduced the size of the box. I tried to keep the reinforcment high so she would keep trying, I also really focused on the hind legs. Sometimes it helps to have another person clicking the hind legs.
  6. Steve White was so awesome and it was fantastic to watch the dogs he trains learn tracking skills, I learnt heaps and feel I left with a great foundation on how to start proper tracking.
  7. Unwanted Help

    It doesn't happen to me, I must look cranky, but it was really crap:(
  8. I was at a dog show today, a freind was doing some obedience work, stays I believe. An unwanted helper arrived and started giving unwanted advice to my friend and dog. He started barking, which only happened when the unwanted helper body blocked the dogs view of his handler during stays. Funny thing was the unwanted helpers dogs never freaking shut up all day....lol, I had to go home to get some panadol:) Got to love the help:)
  9. It was a great seminar, she was so engaging, got something more out of every dog...very impressed:) If you have a troublesome dog, bring it, she will have it and you worked out in a heartbeat...she is super:)
  10. Hyper And Clingy Puppy!

    Sounds like a great puppy, find a good motivational trainer:)
  11. Rewarding Rant

    I puppy sat a 5 month old BC puppy, super puppy:) while I would make her dinner she would launch at me, on the benches, whatever, a real chow hound. I quickly and suprisingly easy rewarded her to sit on a chair patiently, she learnt it in about two sessions. When the owners returned, I proudly showed them her clever new meal time behaviour.....they were so disappointed that I had taught her to sit on a chair:( I wanted to steal the puppy or cry:( I know they are just going to dumb that smart puppy down.
  12. Puppy Training

    It's super fun, making our puppies and dogs show their potential, so many great trainers to help us, so many videos to learn from:)
  13. Puppy Training

    A few of my friends have started a facebook group called the Awesome Pup Challenge. Every Wednesday we set a new trick to train, all reward based, it's so much fun, every week's challenge is set by a different handler so it pushes us out of our comfort zone....I've trained things I have never trained before and it's been suprisingly easy and so much fun. A new challenge is posted every Wednesday, but you can just join in at any stage. It doesn't matter how new or experienced you are, everyone is very friendly and willing to help so give it a go :) Awesome Pup Challenge - Link to Facebook page