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  1. I just wanted to get people's opinions and experiences on the two different techniques (TPLO and TTA). My 2.5 yo Pitbull x has ruptured her cruciate after having a partial tear for around 5-6 weeks. She is booked for surgery next week at VSS but the surgeon only spoke to me about TPLO and stressed out me didn't ask about TTA's when I had meant to ask about it. I had a vet tell me that they prefer the TTA method as they had seen multiple dogs under go the TPLO and have issues afterwards. I have had a Vet Nurse friend tell me she opted for TTA as opposed to TPLO for her Amstaff due to the fact t
  2. Just adding my 2 cents. I avoid dog parks like most responsible bull breed owners (such as the ones on here). Not because my girl, because of other dogs. Just like everyone has stated, she won't start it, will finish it. There has been several occasions previously where I have gone to a dog park with a group of friends and their dogs and a strangers dog has gotten in my girls face, been asked politely by her to back off, they very rarely comply, they then start to chase her around and I end up having to grab the other dog or kick at it so she doesn't need to escalate. This is why I won't go a
  3. Made me cry but I agree with someone earlier, I dislike the real reason behind the ad which is marketing of a brand of food and a terrible brand of food at that. I also think running them side by side would have a better effect in relation to creating donations.
  4. LMAO I read about that. I doubt this will be near as busy but understand if you want to give the poor buggar a break lol.
  5. Hi All! Paws Alive are holding a fundraising fun day at Musgrave Dog Park, Musgrave Ave, Southport on Saturday June 2nd, to help raise funds so that we can keep rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs. http://www.pawsalive.org/ Many of our current dogs up for adoption will also be attending the event, so please come along and meet them! DO WE HAVE A GREAT DAY PLANNED FOR YOU! Face Painting - Balloon Twisting - Pony Rides - Live Entertainment - Kids Colouring In Competition - Sausage Sizzle - Jumping Castle - Rides - Puppy Kissing Booth - Pet Product Stalls - Raffles - Dog/Puppy Eve
  6. Yucky situation. I am sorry you got scared and hurt, that isn't on and the owner certainly should have asked if you were ok, maybe he was too shocked himself and not thinking. I often walk away from something and realise I didn't say thank you etc and feel bad and that is without being in a stressful situation LOL. In relation to the recall, he may or may not have a recall. If the dog is 8 months old it is mid adolescents which means it is more likely to give him the metaphorically middle finger anyways but again under the stress of the situation he may not of even thought of calling the dog
  7. They aren't prohibited in Australia, they are just a restricted breed. You are still allowed to own one in the NT and ACT and depending on what council you live in they are either banned or not... meaning they won't register it and if you are found to have one you can either fight them in court to prove it is not one or the dog gets PTS regardless of whether its the friendliest dog in the world or an aggressive one. Pit Bull is a blanket term used to describe any muscular looking dog generally by people that have no idea what a American Pit Bull Terrier actually looks like. Could be anything
  8. Some of Phi's best friends are Cavaliers. Good to hear a nice report :) Thanks for sharing.
  9. He also may not have been able to afford to move, he was out of work. Might have been in a lease and couldn't afford having 2 while the first ran out. Finding pitbull friendly housing in any state of the US is difficult. Lots of reasons he probably felt like he wouldn't be able to move and it is quite likely someone who was harassing him did something really nasty on that last day, people are disgusting sometimes.
  10. Just throwing it out there as I think in some dogs is does make a different A friend has a male Malamute. He had some behaviour issues with other dogs (wouldn't interact with them, when any dogs came near he stiffened, growled etc), and was also really quite skinny and lanky. He finally got the dog desexed at 9/10 months, the dogs body has evened out, he looks like he is supposed to now and all the issues he had with other dogs are gone, overnight and I am not exaggerating. He has turned into one of the best dogs we have in our groups. The change floored us.
  11. I would have thought it was CCTV, but apparently my tinfoil hat isn't working because you've now convinced me it was an effort to win money on a home video show. LOL Just normal CCTV for an apartment building. Gosh the dog was lucky. Seemed totally surprised and even tried to get on the next elevator. Lucky the lady was there to hold onto it while the owner came back down. Actually the owner suffered I think a broken wrist and finger as well.
  12. Sorry for the double post. DAVERI I can send you a link to a great thread on another forum where a member purposely mated their dog to produce a litter. She has gone through almost every forseeable issue. The dog went into whelp and only got a few puppies out before she couldn't get anymore, had to have a C-Section (expensive much!, the first pups had to be hand fed while mum was at the vet, then she went home, 2 of the pups died by being squashed by Mum accidentally, things seemed to be going well when Mum stopped feeding/producing milk and had to be taken BACK to the vet, turned out she had
  13. There is a law that came in on January 1st. that states that anyone owning more than 3 entire breeding dogs or cats must become a registered business and have an ABN number regardless of how many litters they do or don't breed and regardless of whether there is a profit made or not. Those not required to conform to this are those affiliated with certain groups such as if you are a member of several organisations listed such as DogsVic, Cat Protection Sociey etc. thats interesting! is that just in VIC or Australia wide? haven't heard it here in QLD A similar law is being looked at, at
  14. Splash Down Face First Really Mum a Santa Hat I gots the bubble Now ladies keep your legs crossed Boiiinnggg
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