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  1. You are entirely correct, Steve. Most of the static advertising comes from registered breeders, the site advertises as "Austalia's Pure Breed Dog Community" which it patently is not, as 90% of the users do not appear to have purebred dogs, nor do they favour pure breed dogs. Consequently there is nothing for pure breed dog owners. No doubt one of the state registration authorities would be prepared to provide an appropriate forum. Perhaps DogsQld, with voting rights for members looming, some candidates will want to attract votes. Thank you for that information.
  2. I cannot understand this in any way. The people already have the dog, so the "breeding" is umimportant. I don't understand why others are "guessing" the breed. I considered it pointless, not dangerous, but having read some of the information here, I agree that it is potentially dangerous, and may lead to false expectations. No mongrel dog can be expected to have any genetic behaviours, although he may well have.
  3. Not sure lilli, but stry. poisoning cases go rigid, with the backbone stiffening. Washing soda and water will produce vomiting, if not too late. Your remedy will put a lining on the stomach. Phone the emergency sect of the hospital, or the poisons hot line, and ask them the amount per kg of body weight for people, and do the calculation Good luck I suspect you could give a fair bit of that mixture to a biggish dog. Problem may be seizures and choking
  4. Is it? When I joined back in 2004 I wasn't asked if I was a breeder, let alone if I was a breeder of pure breeds. I thought that was why breeders had their own forum on DOL at which the others of us are not allowed to join in .... or is it that we can join in but not start? Sorry - I'm not sure because I usually don't venture there. I tend to stay here in General and Training and Health. I do think that precluding everyone other than those who breed pure breed dogs from DOL would make for a pretty narrow-minded mode of conversation as it would cut a lot of good ideas, experiences and help
  5. I think that everyone here knows this - especially on this forum of all places. Hardly worthy of ├ęclat ... Sometimes it's just a bit of harmless fun to guess what breeds might be in the mix even if you're never going to get a definitive answer. Besides, even with a purebreed, for many of them you'll never know for sure exactly what breeds went into the original genetic cocktail, way, way back when ... Even the Poodle which has been around for many, many centuries is said to have its history and origin "shrouded in antiquity and hypothesis" ... In any case, it's not the OP who acquired
  6. It is a mongrel. If you want to know what breed your dog is, buy a purebred. Then you will know. You will never know what this dog, or any other mongrel is.
  7. Accreditation with Dogsqld would benefit those accredited who could sell more pups, if those who already accredited are any yardstick. Volume and - or inexperienced breeders in the main. Very few exhibitors. I understood this forum was for PUREBREED breeders to discuss matters of concern? Yet I see mostly discussions on cross bred dogs, and social interaction. One of the few threads by registered breeders is garnering criticism because breeders are openly discussing a scheme. What actually is the purpose of the forum? Quite disappointing. Are those criticising involved or not? Wh
  8. Dogsnsw has a committee to investigate transgressions of the rules. This breeder is not disobeying the rules. However, the committee does keep information on breeders. It is worth complaining to dogsnsw. Disgusting for people to believe it is ok.
  9. Splendidly done. Marvellous to see "the coal face" and know the faces the money reaches, without deductions or inroads. My donations went to people lliving close to the Wivenhoe wall, whose horses were swept away, and houses inundated. Friends of a friend. Exhibitors also received donations, sorry stonebridge, otherwise I could help these people. You are doing a wonderful job with the donors.
  10. To Haven that may be patterning as advocated by the Institutes in Mass. USA, Dr Glenn Doman. To Corvas there is some reserch implying that calm/serene owners produce calm serene dogs. Anxious/hyperactive/busy owners produce dogs which are always doing and going. Behaviior can be changed by owner changing behaviour around dogs, so it is intersting to learn what you are doing. The Alexander technique is something similar and possibly worth discovering.
  11. Something similar happened in Australia about 10 years ago. Only one dog. It died too. I remember because it was so tragic.
  12. Fascinating to scroll thru the last catalogue, some lists are who's who of breeds, with many famous deceased dogs. I entered deceased dogs.
  13. If someone wont allow a dog inside why bother with the mess and trouble they make? Those owners would rarely see the dog. Buy a fish instead. Dogs need company, live outside, or allow the dog inside. People from the UK do allow the dog inside and they allow them on transport too. Australians are well behind.
  14. Good you shot them. Saves them killing sheep/fowls at someone elses property. Sorry for you, not nice, not nice for your fowls either. Dogs need fences
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