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  1. Litters Due February 2019

    Wirehaired Vizslas born 16th Feb. 3 boys, 3 girls. Rugalmas Wirehaired Vizslas.
  2. Custom Made Car Crate

    Thanks guys - will follow up both suggestions!
  3. Custom Made Car Crate

    I am hoping someone might have a contact in Sydney for a company that makes custom made car crates. I want to get one built into the back of my 4WD. The was an old forum topic (from 2008) that mentioned Tool Equip but I've done a search and they don't seem to be around anymore. Any suggestions welcome - thanks!
  4. Soft Crate Repairs

    Yes, I am starting to think that a wire one might be the cheaper alternative in the long run
  5. Soft Crate Repairs

    Thanks for that - good ideas. I'll give it a go.
  6. Soft Crate Repairs

    Hi all, I have a very loveable Wirehaired Vizsla who also happens to have an evil streak. She's ripped the mesh door of her soft (show) crate to shreds and I am hoping someone might know of someone who repairs them rather than me having to get a whole new crate. I've already contacted Meg at K9+ (the place where I bought the crate in the first place) and unfortunately she can't help with a new skin as this particular crate has been discontinued and she doesn't have any skins the correct size. Surely I don't have the only evil puppy around and someone else has already been through this??? Would really appreciate any tips, Thanks, Louise.