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  1. Alright, 3/52 - guess I should show off the new kitties Pablo and Carlos. Pablo is 2, we got him last August? And Carlos just turned 1 in November, we got him last January. :)
  2. Is it too late to join? lol I haven't been on these forums in years... and haven't picked up my camera a lot either. Last time I used it is when I went to the snow and then desert in August. Granted right now I can't find my camera battery charger (my Dad thinks he gave it to someone else!) But I could start asap. If I'm allowed :)
  3. Week 7/52 Been so hot here lately!
  4. Aww I'm sorry Perse. RIP Hamlet
  5. Week 6/56 I was playing around with some textures with this one. :) Not sure if I like it though. Wonderful photos everyone!
  6. I've always been interested in photography/landscapes etc from a very young age and I guess it's just kind of went from there :D I'm not as good as many other photographers on DOL but I've learnt a lot and I still am :)
  7. Yes, Abbey does it and we have no idea why. It seems to have stopped for now but it's very spooky.
  8. Week 4/52 My photos are so boring compared to all of yours Loving the photos everyone.
  9. Abbey was pretty cute as a puppy :D
  10. That is gorgeous tlc! Looks very surreal looking and cool :)
  11. Not too sure about these two but figured I'd share them anyway :) And not macro but taken with my macro lens:
  12. Thanks all :D 3/52 - big ears tlc: I love all of your group shots! Salukibel: Welcome! Love your week one shot, it's super cool :D Gertrude: Awesome shot! Weibritty: gorgeous puppy! He has amazing eyes. MTD: very cute, great shot :)
  13. Week 2/52 - close up of Abbey's eye/face
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