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  1. whats tracking? is anyone on here doing V/N p/t at polytechnic west next year?i wont have any friends
  2. does anyone know good places in perth?I went by the Marshall Boarding Kennel today which looked nice an big but you never know..
  3. this truly sadens me poor thing is so cute
  4. Hi, i am new to the website so please correct me if i've posted this in the wrong thread! Does anybody know if Marshalls Boarding Kennel are a good place to keep your dogs? They are located on 18 Hybrid Ct Banjup. I have read many things about other kennels but none of this one... Also, am curious to know if anybody read about the poor little white Maltese? puppy that was taken to a kennel for a clip/bath an was left in a cage infront of an industrial heater which almost killed it. They never publicly named the kennel but I am interested as to who it could be an it makes me very upset to know people can do these sorts of things
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