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    I love, exhibit & breed Chinese Crested Dogs. Have only been in breed for 8 years, so still on a big learning curve, I'm very interested in health & genetic issues.
  1. [esty X Shih Tzus - which, to varying degrees, looked like crested...... :D The lady who runs the rescue group that is taking him has Chinese cresteds (Hariless and powder puffs) so I know he'll be going into good hands The mutant above, that has the reindeer ears, is ours (Nemo) which is why I figured that Uncle Fester may be able to improve his looks with a better cut. Hesapandabear - I'll send her a Pm and see what area she covers, Thanks :D I'm sure this poor boy will be transformed with the clipper run over his body & legs, leaving sock, crest & tail plume....if a really close job is wanted a razor will do the trick after the clippers have gotten rid of the long stuff.. I keep mine neat with a #50 blade. A good soaking & a buff mitt over the skin finished off with some aloe vera or vit.E cream will bring out the best in him. His ears are likely flat as most need a bit of help with some taping to get them up. Regards Lyn B
  2. How Much Does It Cost

    I have 9 cresteds, they are fed kibble & mince, chicken frames, & sardines every second day, it probably cost me about $40 per week, I have one very fussy eater that gets BBQ chicken, lynb