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  1. Now that the website etc has been launched, I have to seriously think about accommodation. I'm happy camping, its in Skye, Victoria in April 2018. Has anybody got any good suggestions of places to look at booking?
  2. A friend of mine is looking for a pug breeder and has asked me for help. I've sent her here to the breeders page, but can I please ask what health testing is done for pugs?
  3. What's getting me at the moment, is if you go and look, most of the cross-breds and pure without papers pups are selling for (if not more) the same price as pure breds with papers. Many years ago, I had a girl, one of the prettiest I'd seen, she had the blue speckled nose of a cattledog, but colouring she was a piebald of the tan of my dobies and white. She was about the size of a working kelpie and the flightiest dog I'd met, if she wasn't happy, the first thought would be flight. No idea what she was, she and all her littermates just turned up on our street.
  4. I realize bitches can get inconteinence from spaying, but what about boys? My boy's dribbling, especially from lying down to getting up. Fine in every other way, including no signs of pain (and believe me, this boy could win an Oscar, for even a bit of pain), so I was wondering could it come from desexing him? Edited for spelling
  5. Contact Colin at http://sherae.com.au/ He's fantastic and has transported both my dogs and cat backwards and forwards across Australia for me.
  6. I just love how the dog is sitting there looking at the camera as if to say "Really?"
  7. Is she really keen on something, a special treat for her. Can you happen to leave a few close to the house (not near the fence) for her to happen to "find", so that outside without you, tends to be a good place?
  8. To keep her mind busy, the more tricks you can teach her, the better. These you can do in your own kitchen and you can get tips on how to do them off youtube. It's fun and rewarding for both of you.
  9. For the dobie, health problems are DCM (Dilated Cardio Myopathy spelling sorry), Von Wilderbrands disease, Wobblers and history of cancer. Testing is Von Wilderbrands, DCM (only 1 gene at the moment unfortunately) and DINGS.
  10. Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club is a fantastic club. They do both obedience and agility on seperate nights.
  11. I agree that it looks too wide a gap for prongs. She could have been wearing a too thick a collar and the skin has constantly been folded back on it??
  12. Just putting the link out there, if it will help anyone. No ties to this, I don't know if there's any hidden agendas, but if its for real and will help someone, fantastic!! http://www.ndn.org.au/national-desexing-month.html
  13. This is a friend of mine in WA who does this fantastic work. http://www.collarandruff.com.au/
  14. I ended up using nexguard as thats what the local petstore had at a decent price and within 36 hours, i haven't had a single tick.
  15. Having to do a tick parade each night at the moment. All dogs are being brilliant about it (I think they're enjoying the relief of loosing the ticks) and between the 3 dogs, I'd only be getting about 20 ticks, but I would love a preventative. What's people's recommendations?
  16. I would give yourself a bit of extra time to take the walk and be willining to stop. Hopefully you can see what particular item he's reacting to this time and be so blaise about it yourself eg. If its a parked car, lean on parked car and study what's under your fingernails, when he approached object and checks it out, praise him and move on with your walk. I read somewhere once, that if you have a fear of heights and someone puts you on rop of a cliff, trying to feed you chocolate is not going to work, because you can't react to take the chocolate and you don't recognise it as a reward in th
  17. With "Not a man made breed", could they be talking about not a dog man put together. For example the dobermann, was a dog that someone used specific breeds crossed, to come up with a dog that he wanted for a specific purpose. From what your talking about and from the little i know about Cairn Terriers they have just "evolved" naturally, with the specific example above??
  18. Is yours a 3m deluxe ? This is the issue I am having also. I have the oztrail 3m deluxe just need a new canopy for it. You can pick up a canopy on eBay for 90-110 in a range of colours. I could just buy a canopy for mine, I just am no good at erecting it and its too long for my car Mine goes on top of my car and yes it's a 3x3. Problem is to get a new one off ebay, I can get one for $180 + $40 postage. So which one is better value for money. New roof and bag or everything new?
  19. My oztrail is about 10 years old, the frame is still great, but the tent decided to give way last year and the carry bag is in a bad way ???????? Is it worth buying a new top and a new bag or would it be cheaper to buy a whole new gazebo. I use it alot for all of my dog sports and I use the tent that attaches to it.
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