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  1. I truly believe these people just want to protect them, since neutering and releasing is illegal they are just trying to spare these animals death by rehoming them. It's not about finding the joys of a new pet type, they don't want to market these animals, just spare them.
  2. I hate fox hunting with a passion too. I also read about that incident with much sadness. The "whimpering" fox.. it broke my heart. I at least hope it may be a tool used to ban the "sport". Fox hunting with hounds is illegal here everywhere but Victoria and has been illegal in the UK since 2005. What fox hunting has to do with this thread sure beats me. If you think Strychnine baiting or trapping is a "kinder" death, think again. Quite a few dog owners struggle to contain their pet dogs. How fox owners would fare any better beats me. How is denying a wild animal territory and social interaction with other foxes "kind"??? I'm against any form of sport hunting, whether foxes or other animals, whether with hounds or without. As far as fox hunting with hounds however, a couple years ago I heard of it still being practiced in SA on a private property in the hills. However the article in question (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2281005/Horror-bus-passengers-pack-hounds-rip-fox-pieces-breach-hunting-ban.html#ixzz2LNVwjItH) was relating to the UK, where it still happens, even with hounds and despite being illegal. The illegal part is meant to be allowing the hounds to kill the fox however, it is still legal to flush foxes out with them. Fox hunting was brought up by Dogmad, so while I cannot speak for him "I'd prefer seeing them in this scenario than" answers how it fit in the conversation; I myself was relieved for once to hear of people with a penchant for foxes, especially in Australia, rather than a penchant for exterminating them. The foxes in question are already out there, they are not being bred for pet ownership; so if they end up escaping they are returning to where they were originally found, therefore not adding to a population problem. In addition to this - and more importantly - they would be neutered and unable to reproduce therefore turning it into a trap-nueter-release incident, so still a benefit and improvement from the original situation. How is killing an animal kind? What do you suggest as a kind alternative? Dogs and cats are domesticated and yet in a sense are still deprived their freedom and live lives catered to our desires of them. All animals whether wild or domesticated should not be denied their chosen territories or social interactions yet it's what we do with both, with domestic animals by ownership, however loving, and with wild animals with loss of habitat, culling, etc. Or how about farmed animals? The animals you eat are deprived of more than any other animal is, what about their welfare? Considering how things are set up it seems it's always about trying to find the lesser evil. I believe trap-neuter-release to be the best option but it is illegal to release a fox once caught, if the fox can live a happy life integrating with a family and their other animals I prefer that - and deem it a kinder alternative - than killing in whatever form, and however "humane". If. And judging by the accounts and photos and videos I saw it seemed they integrated well, or a well as any cat and dog does.
  3. I love this man Another video, the first I saw of him.
  4. I hate fox hunting with a passion too. I also read about that incident with much sadness. The "whimpering" fox.. it broke my heart. I at least hope it may be a tool used to ban the "sport".
  5. With all you said, would you prefer them out in the wild then? It's where they were removed from. Then they were desexed which translates to one less fox maintaining or increasing their numbers.. And kept indoors which means not feeding - you know like we all do in order to survive - on native fauna - aka prey - nor being a competitor to your kills.. God help us? God help this world from us. Amongst all the travesties on our conscience it is us who have introduced species - amongst them the fox - into Australia. Then they pay the price of our own stupidity by being vilified, shot, trapped, poisoned. Humans kill and kill and kill.. Animals just try to survive. This rescue is doing a service to the foxes, to the native fauna, to the people who have an issue with foxes being out there. I don't know what you are complaining about, this should please you. Unless you are one of those people who enjoy killing them and are worried to lose some sport.
  6. Thank you Mrs Rusty Bucket, I will send them a message :) I am actually on their facebook page but for some reason I thought they were interstate! I have been in love with their Raffi since I first laid eyes on him and I loved the late little Henry too I showed my grandmother some images of different dogs with "squashed" faces trying to find the one she was describing and it was the Shih Tzu breed she pointed out, but not all images. Some had more prominent snouts and I could only wonder if perhaps they were not purebred? But I didn't show her a Lhasa Apso and upon googling them the ones groomed with a shorter cut seem a perfect match, thank you! While I find all dogs gorgeous, I myself am not a fan of the particular look and while the snoring would bother me more for it's reason that it's noise I doubt I'd be able to sleep! However I'm fairly confident my grandmother has already been rendered deaf by the cacophony blaring from my grandfather's side of the bed.. one night we were over, we heard him all the way from the lounge room and we even had the tv on :laugh:
  7. Thank you dogmad :) Yes I am looking as often as I can through Pet Rescue. Most of my connection time is through my mobile at the moment til my laptop is fixed, and when I can get to a computer I scroll through the hundreds of listings on PR but finding a Shih Tzu that has the "squished face" (I'm guessing the ones that don't are perhaps not purebred?) and that is 8 months and under and then that isn't already on trial has eluded me so far. I have found another two rescues in SA since my original post and will keep checking here too. It's just disheartening seeing potentials but having to pass them by because of age.
  8. Thank you mita, sounds great :) I have checked the Pet Rescue site several times with the "available for interstate adoption" option on, but as you can't search by breed it's literally hundreds (500-700 profiles usually) of listings to go through and at the moment I can only go online at my mother's place, so maybe once or twice a week, or on my phone as I'm having problems with my laptop. And I'd go nuts trying to sift through all the profiles on my mobile, it's bad enough on a computer! It's not just the time consuming factor, it's that I see dozens each time that are gorgeous, sound great and fit the "look" but not the age "requirement" and it really bothers me. Like you said, it made sense to me too to get a dog past the puppy stage that was over the destructive phase, was toilet trained, and had developed into him/herself so I could assess if it was the right energy for my grandparents. I'm in my early thirties and my own dog, I adopted last January, was thought to be around 9 and after bringing him to the vet they even ventured he could be as high as 12 years old! I adore him, he is perfect for me, and he has all the quirks and behaviours some people believe are restricted to puppies and couldn't look any cuter :)
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether you could please help me. I was keeping an eye out for a dog for my grandmother. She wants a Shih Tzu type dog, one with a "squished face".. I was showing her photos of dogs to find what the breed she was describing was and that's what we came up with She would like a white or cream one, either sex, and I was looking for any age up to 3-4 yrs old but I found out my uncle was looking to buy her a dog and he wants it to be a puppy, we just spoke and he'll compromise up to 6-8 months. If I don't find a rescue he will go to a breeder which I desperately want to avoid. I was hoping whether anyone seeing a dog that fitted the 'criteria' could please alert me to it? We are situated in SA but can adopt from any state. My grandmother has owned a Maltese and a Chinchilla from puppy-hood/kitten-hood to their last breath and has always given them the utmost care and attention and adored them. The puppy will drive with her everywhere and be taken for walks three times a day by my grandfather as well as sit 'al fresco' beside them in cafes; will be an indoor dog of course and sleep on their bed: it will be safe and treasured each day until it's last. Thank you for your time reading this.
  10. If you fear for her current dog please, please help him. Can you possibly offer to re-home her pets in the future, or offer to train her dog for her? Can you (just) threaten her to tell her children the truth (maybe citing something along the lines of at least they will stop her from doing it in the future, or teach her of consequences to actions? Can you involve your mum in any way? Talk to her vet and convince them to keep animals she brings in to pts aside for you to re-home? There must be something that can be done, please don't give up. It's obvious you care and I am not questioning you in any way, I am just begging you to please not give up, sometimes hopelessness can demolish us far too early in the game and make everything seem futile. But you just have to be creative and or daring and find the right way, if not to get through to her then to take matters into your own hands, to help those animals who have a chance to stay alive only through you.
  11. They are ADORABLE Perfect rehoming, these little cuties seem meant to be together
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