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  1. We tried it with our typically sensitive bull terrier. Not a winner. Decided to go grain free & stick to BARF. The omega supplement is good, along with the immunity booster. The complete mix was no good for us.
  2. what a sad story for all involved, especially the dogs. When they say dogs are a lifetime commitment, they do not lie. That involves putting in the effort to make sure they are well socialised and trained. If they are not, then make sure whatever issues they have are well managed.
  3. I also use the sensible harness in high distraction environments, but in conjunction with patience & consistency (read Jane Killion's book). Regardless of what 'tool' you use, there is no quick fix. Simple rule, no moving forward while there's pulling. I've had 15 minute walks take an hour and a half, but there was less stopping each time.
  4. Farmer Dave is more then welcome to come hang out with my bull terrier to see how I "keep her aggression in check". Sounds like he's just regurgitated some BSL tripe he's read. He's now a dog trainer? Just what the world needs, another 'dog trainer' who has no idea.
  5. We stayed at Saltwater Villas at Moolooaba on the Sunshine Coast QLD. They allow dogs inside and it's close to beaches. We had a blast! Saltwater Villas
  6. From what I understand, the bigger the dog the slower the resting heart rate. I think 60 for a large dog is normal but for a medium dog like a bull terrier it should be up around 80. Again, it depends on the age and fitness of the animal. Because it doesn't happen when she is exercising it shouldn't be as complex when the time comes for a pacemaker. I hear the actual pacemakers cost $5000 and upwards, then add your other fees on top. Her temporary one is costing $1500, and that's only for a day. Good thing we love her so much. I have read a few stories of dogs who have lived a normal life. Pe
  7. My girl is a pretty chilled out girl, super relaxed at the vets. I think for her breed it's considered low though. According to the cardiologist most sits sit anywhere between 60 & 160- which is why he said it was 'fine' for now. It's at the low end. It could be it is low but she is comfortable at the vets? She has been very heavily socialised.I believe it was lover than it was 6 months ago, which may be the concern. No issues with heat sensitivity (apart for bullies not loving the heat) or exercise as it's only an issue when she is relaxed. When she is active her heart beats exactly as it
  8. I was at the specialist centre (which has an emergency department included) and a guy bought him 6 year old boxer in after she was bitten in the yard. Smack bang in the middle of suburbia. Looked to be a brown too. She didn't look well
  9. 80bpm- this was at the vets with lots of people & dogs, where you would expect her heart rate to be faster given how exciting it is. During the surgery it dropped to 33bpm and only went up to 50bpm after atropine. The tests by the cardiologist showed sometimes it went back to normal (about 110) but it is not always responsive. He said it's slow, but fine for now.
  10. Thanks for all your info- some great and reassuring articles. I will try to post on another bull terrier forum. We have a great cardiologist who would be willing to do the surgery. In fact, he suggested it to give her a normal life. He said the surgery to replace the battery is quite a simple procedure that wouldn't put too much stress on her system. He has also confirmed her heart valves & muscles are perfectly normal- it's just a slower than normal resting heart rate. She has no problems when she is active, just if she is very relaxed/sedated/anaesthetised.
  11. Thanks OSoSwift. I was after info, not opinions as to why I shouldn't. I take my dog's quality of life very seriously. If there is a very good chance of a normal life I'd like to give her the chance.
  12. Oh what a lovely couple of weeks we have had. My sweet bully girl ruptured her cruciate ligament last week. She was due for surgery this week. While she was under anaesthetic her heart rate dropped dangerously low so they ceased the surgery (thankfully before any cutting had started). We went off to see her cardiologist who has said her heart now beats too slow and she will require a pacemaker. He said she should live a normal life, with surgery to replace the battery every 5 years or so (she is 15 months old). She was previous diagnosed with an arrhythmia (sinus arrest) but it had improved
  13. I asked our vet because we thought my girl had a UTI. She didn't. It was only a day she was doing it. He said if she's eaten anything with more salt than normal that this can do the same thing. He said keep an eye on it, if it keeps going to head back to the vet. It lasted a day- no idea what she's eaten gotten in to.
  14. I would suggest checking out trainers before you enroll. Watch a class, speak to their clients about what their experiences have been like, ask if poeple have tried any other trainers, what methods they use, what support you will get, any other benefits in going with them etc.
  15. I have the black dog hands free belt and love it. I have a strong girl who can pull id she wishes (she's almost 25kg but could pull three times that). I also have the tuffy collar and am a fan, it disperses the pressure better.
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