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  1. I have always stayed. My heart still aches, my tears still come. It's been nearly 5 months since I lost my Bender. Like others I don't judge those that can't stay.
  2. Having a read now, very interesting. I follow team dog but missed this one on FB. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Over the years I've noticed people, more specifically non dog people, seem to frequently obsess over getting the 'runt' of the litter. Is this just a sales technique used by BYB? I want the strongest, fittest, most capable pup that I can get.
  4. I've been using an Adaptil collar for a few weeks for separation anxiety with no success. No change at all.
  5. I also love people that think they 'rescued' a dog when they bought it at a pet shop. A very commonly misused word.
  6. I'm not upset but clearly some people are.
  7. I think graphs like these, or indeed any chart making such comparisons are designed to upset people. Mission accomplished!
  8. My Amstaff sleeps with me in bed all year round. Come the cooler months he snuggles into me and even sleeps with his head over my neck. So he feels the cold, even here on the Gold Coast.
  9. I think that there is a misunderstanding. No-one here is suggesting that the BYB 'oodle' type or any other BYB or puppy mill dogs are a good thing.
  10. Sure they love running/racing but you can't convince me that trainers or owners have the dogs enjoyment of running at heart. If there was no money involved, you think many trainers would do it? Most other dog sports COST the owners money, not make it. I have previously stated I like dog sport. Also greyhound racing is an industry, not a hobby. Not all trainers are the same. Some (many) see their greyhounds as part of their family. The same as most of us who train and compete in agility sports. There are also lure coursing clubs that are for not-greyhounds but any kind of dog that wants
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