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  1. We need video, that has to be the cutest thing ever! Will try and take one! What was funnier was that hubby actually patted her on the back and she burped :laugh:
  2. Our jap spitz has taken to imitating our newborn - I was holding bub for a feed, DH was watching from the floor. So Ziva walks over and lays in his lap in a similar way to bub :laugh: She even climbed into a position to be burped when I did it to bub as well :laugh:
  3. Dancinbcs - aww Tango is so sweet! Ziva would rather lie where she can see us but not be in direct touching contact as I think we make her too hot!
  4. Many JS sleep outdoors - I know a few of us have asked our JS to sleep outside (with a basic covered kennel) in winter to bulk up their coats :) OP - are you in an apartment? I know plenty of JS who have been indoor toilet trained using a fake grass toilet or pee pads.
  5. I would suggest crating for a JS puppy - they are companions. Crate training comes in handy for so many things besides bed time (eg vacuuming or when you're traveling with pup) We crate our JS girl - you can start in the bedroom and then slowly move them 1m/week toward the undercover area. Though, I can tell you, if I tried to make Ziva sleep outside, she would be complaining to the entire neighbourhood very loudly!
  6. Run free Sooty big hugs luvsdogs xxoo
  7. great advice from dancinbcs :) She's right that coats can be vastly different because of different breeding lines - can you tell us a little more about where you pup came from and his/her parents? It took me a few different purchases to figure out exactly what worked for us :)
  8. I have a JS and I really don't like using a slicker - only when she is dropping coat. My preference is for a Chris Christensen Brass Fusion brush. I bought mine from Peperone online - expensive but definitely worth it. The other thing that I like to use is a Greyhound Comb (available from Groomers Paradise online). I've found the most important thing is grooming technique - only try and groom a small section of coat at a time - combing just a bit each time. Long strokes (imagine a girl with long hair!) aren't really effective for getting out knots and tangles. Use one hand to hold the hair back and brush a little bit at a time. How often are you grooming? Ziva gets a brush all over each day - takes about 5-10 min.
  9. Bayview is also good first thing in the morning - we tend to leave home around 6.30am and get there about 7.30am - not too many around on the weekends at that time.
  10. A Pom with a proper double cost should not take ages to dry. I have a JS and she goes to OB training, the toilet and walks in the rain. A 45 min walk in the pouring rain, a quick dry with a towel and she'll be dry fairly quickly. She even once fell into a pool - looked totally saturated, but a quick shake, towel dry and a sunny spot - back to normal in 15 min :) Ziva would also run around like a loon on toilet breaks until we started taking her out on lead - once she did her business, then she was allowed to have some zoomie time - it makes an easy reward :)
  11. 5 months is when they (JS) get quite leggy and only a short coat which makes them look a bit weird.
  12. I've also found Ziva wants whatever I'm eating at the time - it's why I'm usually snacking while we're waiting to go in :laugh:
  13. Raw chicken, Camembert cheese, dried liver, ends of toast, rice crackers, lamb roast, carrot, frozen broccoli - I've even used dog hair from Ziva's brush :laugh:
  14. Good question and one I was going to ask as I used to fold one of the back seats down to fit my gazebo but next year we won't be able to do so as there will be a baby capsule in the way. Look forward to reading some more responses as roof racks was what I was considering (hubby would lift the gazebo up there)
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