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  1. Is A Blue Stafford Breeder Unethical?

    So you made the decision to purchase and raised 3 dogs before this one? Or was that your parents? all mine, what that got to do with it anyway?
  2. Is A Blue Stafford Breeder Unethical?

    couldnt agree more! If a Stafford is a Stafford no matter the colour, I have to ask myself why people are paying through the nose for blues. Clearly both colour breeders and buyers ARE judging the book by its cover because demand for the colour is high (despite known health issues in dilute x dilute matings) and the dogs are being sold for far more than other coloured pups. Deliberately breeding dogs that have a one in four chance of a colour related skin condition IS unethical. I don't care how you dress it up. And every breeder jumping on the bandwagon of blue and every buyer that feeds the demand is contibuting to the degeneration of the standard of the breed. If you think blue Staffords are generally good examples of the breed then all I can say is you can't have seen many others. No point in saying anything to blue Stafford buyers. They don't want to hear anything. They rattle on about how their dogs are just Staffords when its plain they wouldn't have wanted one in a more 'common' colour. Ah the irony - blues ain't rare, the only thing special about them is the price. ive owned 3 SBT before owning my current blue pup. asll 3 were also from registered breeders. 1 was brindle, 1 was white/brindle pied & 1 was red ;)
  3. Is A Blue Stafford Breeder Unethical?

    couldnt agree more!
  4. Is A Blue Stafford Breeder Unethical?

    why ? if one of my family went out and purchased a blue pup, they'd certainly be subject to what I thought. followed by not to bother to come to me when poo hits the fan, because they have been warned. I would do the same. How are people ever going to learn if we all keep our mouths shut? Diplomacy, tact and good family relations. There are times when keeping ones mouth shut is a sign of maturity and this is one of those times. The pup's already bought and paid for and no doubt being shown off proudly. What earthly good is criticising the purchase going to do now? That's not educating anyone, that's just making yourself look like a mean-spirited know-all. agreed!!
  5. Puppy Pre-school

    wowsers! how can i do that before he is fully vaccinated??
  6. Puppy Pre-school

    ok so my little boy starts puppy kindy next monday night im going through these guys http://www.goldcoastdogobedience.com only $50 for 4 lessons! so much cheaper than local vets around here that charge $100
  7. Puppy Pre-school

    hi, ive decided to put my 9 week old SBT pup into puppy pre-school, as i have a 2yr old toddler so i think it will help alot (i hope) whats the best age to start them in classes? do they need all their vaxx's first?? pup is booked in to have his 2nd vaxx this friday at 10 weeks old. thanks
  8. Pet Mince From Butcher

    he mostly gets chicken wings and other offcuts which include bone, sometimes an egg, liver, hearts etc etc. but yes occasionally (twice since ive owned him) i have given him raw mince.
  9. Have you read this thread Miss Metal? It's very long but a real eye opener as to a buyer being ripped off because they wanted a blue stafford. what thread are you talking about??
  10. yep, all pups were sold before they were a week old
  11. well a lady i know was asking for $3000 for a blue male pup (staffy) and his brindle sister from the same litter was only $900... how can you charge $2100 more for a pup from the exact same litter?? and these pups are only on limited register so cant even breed them or anything. their father was locally bred & owned and basically studded out to every bitch in the state... yet another breeder i know had imported champion semen from the UK, bitch is top quality, pups were on main register and she only asked $1800 per blue pup. ;) :p
  12. ive delt with some breeders in the past who have different prices for each pup depending on its sex, colour &/or markings even though they are all from the same litter. ive even come across a breeder who charges more for certain litters than others, depending on the parents of the pups. where as other breeders i know charge the same price for every pup regardless of sex or colour or parentage. whats the go??
  13. Your Experience With Registered Breeders

    i dealt with a very unprofessional, money hungry, so called well known "top breeder" who totally took me for a ride after dealing with this lady since before her bitches even concieved to after pups were born, it was all nice and dandy until the time came to choose my pup. she had promised me pick of the litter, as i was first in with a deposit. silly me paid of most of the pup before it was even born (here i was thinking i was doing the right thing) she wanted rediculous amounts for these pups because of colour. $3000 for a blue staff. so silly me thought i was getting top quality. anyway after pups were born i drove 3 hrs to go and view the pups, gave her another $1000 and told her which one i wanted and she was so excited that i was getting this particular boy. few days past and she never returned my emails or anything. found out through facebook of all places that she had already sold the one i chose plus the other males. there was none left for me, even though she promised me first pick. i was super upset and angry. there were other breeders i could have gone with that were cheaper and closer to home, but stupid me thought because this lady has such a good rep and her dogs are more expensive, then hers must be the best.... hahahahaha how wrong was i!!!! to this day, she still has not refunded me a single cent, nor did i get a dog from her.... she will not reply to any of my emails, texts, calls etc etc. what a low life scum of a human who advertises here on dogzonline as an accredited breeder lucky for me about a month later i found a much much nicer breeder who lived only 20 mins from me, had way better dogs and were much more reasonably priced.. and i got a pup from her and couldnt be happier :0)
  14. Pet Mince From Butcher

    thats what ive also done... bought regular mince when its cheap or marked down, use it straight away or freeze it if its about to go out of date.