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  1. You don't need to apologise and you don't need to explain yourself. Sounds like your dogs would be able to handle the crowd anyway. So you would be okay to take your dogs there and would be following the rules of the store. I wouldn't trust kids to not do something unexpected though, even adults do stupid things. I had a man reach into my car to pat my dog once! From what we have been told, the child was under control in this case. The kid went to pat the dog, was told no, so stopped and the dog bit her. Sounds like the parent has talked to the child about dogs etc. and the child seemed to even have good recall. Lol So many people have no idea about dogs, but it sounds like the mother of the girl may have had more of an idea about dogs than the owner of the dog in this case.
  2. Bjelkier, that's a bit risky isn't it? Relying on the kids being under control at all times like a dog? Is a puppy under control at all times? Humans take longer to mature than a dog and they are also, erm, not dogs? If someone takes their dog into a shop, especially a place like bunnings on a weekend (!) they should be near perfect in stressful situations. Especially being touched from behind when not expected, people rushing past etc. It's a place for humans to shop, it's not a dog playground and it's much harder to avoid these situations in a shopping aisle! There may be kids with disabilities etc that can't be "under control" at all times etc.
  3. Guide Dog Dies In Hot Car

    Why do I get the feeling, that you are either the irresponsible person, or know them. Why else did you suddenly start posting here. Now this is just getting silly.
  4. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    I would risk burning to death in a fire trying to save my babies. 99.054378% of dentists would agree. There is no point saving only myself if my children are dead, because to me, that would be worse than death itself.
  5. Tricky Scenario At The Park

    For me, it is more a case of I don't think I could live with myself if I made the choice to allow a child to die so my dog could live. It's a very personal matter. I personally couldn't live with myself if I let my dog die knowing I'd had a chance to save him, even if it meant I wasn't able to save a person. A very personal matter? wow... it really isn't...!
  6. Oh no! this is horrible. Healing vibes being sent for Jed. R.I.P for the ones who lost their lives I hope Magnus is found very soon.
  7. Hmm, Ideas On Breed

    We didn't raise the male, we got him when he was older. He wasn't socialised with other dogs so I wouldn't trust him with little dogs, he doesn't realise he is big. I raised my girl from a puppy and socialised her a lot with dogs of all sizes. She will play well with all dogs, including very small dogs and she is very gentle with them. If they are really small she will lie down to play. I think as long as you socialise them they will be fine. When we got Acacia we had a 20kg dog and he was fine. Leos seem to play with each other differently to how they play with other/smaller dogs. I never realised until we got our second. They sound like two lions wrestling. Also, Leos don't bark very often. Acacia is small for the breed and Talon is big for the breed. Keep in mind he is a bit closer to the camera than she is.
  8. Hmm, Ideas On Breed

    They can be too cute as puppies though Yes, she is as dopey as she looks. Our male is the opposite, he actually has a brain. He is friendly, but would you go in this yard? Problem can be that no one want's to deliver packages or take the pizza to your door, so you may as well pick it up.
  9. Hmm, Ideas On Breed

    They don't (usually) drool either!
  10. Hmm, Ideas On Breed

    A female Leonberger. They aren't that big and I have no trouble controlling mine.
  11. November Challenge

    I was trying to find good light inside my house today as I hate the flash, it wasn't easy and I was just using auto... I am not sure if I got even close to being correct, but I tried... I asked her where her nose is to get her to look at me and that photo turned out to be the best ones... oops Please excuse the daggy clothes and crazy hair
  12. Reaction Of Chinese People To My Dog

    We actually got a call from the pizza delivery guy to come out and get the pizzas because he was scared of our (gentle) giant I don't get offended, not everyone likes dogs and not everyone is used to our male dogs size. It doesn't take long though. Our neighbours said when they first met our male, they thought he was huge, they don't think he is that huge now
  13. Roggie

    RIP Roggie
  14. Hi all, On sunday I picked up our new boy from his breeder, the breeder got him back from the original owners and he was rehomed to me. We are not sure on exactly what went on but he was badly matted and he is still very thin, his spine, hip bones and ribs stick out a lot and I think he didn't get much human contact either, he didn't know how to sit or anything like that, but the breeder taught him a few things and a bit of manners in the few weeks he was with her. He has no manners when greeting other dogs, he just wants to bounce right up to them. I don't think he has met many dogs in his life time, but he learns very quickly. All off these things we are working on and it is going very well so far. He has been fully checked over by the vet and all blood results came back ok. He is 81.5cm at the withers and only 48kg. I just want a little advice on dealing with what I think may be seperation anxiety. He doesn't wee or destroy things, but he does whine and even howl when he is left alone, even for very short periods when I am in the next room. He does not like to be confined in a laundry or other small room either. He is fine outside, but when inside he wants to be by your side at all times. I am a stay at home mum so I am home most of the time. Everytime I leave the room to change a nappy, eat etc when he starts whining I don't go back in the room until he has stopped, and when I do go back in I don't look at him for a while. It seems to be working a little, we have only had him for a short time and the house is still unsettled with the other dogs etc. so I am expecting he will feel a little more relaxed being alone inside as time goes on and he realises he isn't going to be left forever, again. I want to make sure I am doing the right thing to begin with though. I let him sleep outside as that is where he seems happiest to be alone as he just sleep and doesn't make a sound. I would prefer him to sleep indoors and I am hoping we will get there eventually. When it is wet outside I let him sleep on our floor in our room as we don't have a dog house big enough for him yet, and I doubt he would use it if we did anyway. Other than the above he is just a beautiful boy and he wins everyone over in seconds, even people who don't really like dogs. Any tips on dealing with this? Anything I could be doing differently? Should I ignore his cries for long periods of time or work on it more slowly and gradually increase the time away? He is even worse when my OH leaves the room as he has become attached to him the most, he will even cry for him while I am still in the room. Here he is:
  15. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    Hi all, Is there anything I can use that the pup may not like the taste of to stop her from eating my bathroom! She sleeps in the bathroom, so it is the only time I can't watch her. Thanks!
  16. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    Thanks Miranda :p yeah I get up early, so that won't be a problem. Thanks for all your help!
  17. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    No I didn't get pics of the damage :p It is 22 here, and cold to me, but the puppy decided she wanted to go for a swim. Perfect weather for a Leo, they say not to excersise them at all when it is over 25. Now she is running around the house leaving paw prints everywhere
  18. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    Of the damage or the puppy? There are puppy pics here: http://forums.dogzonline.com.au/index.php?...c=94613&hl=
  19. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    Sorry if I came across as 'getting my knickers in a knot', I didn't mean to be. Yes I have thought about crate training. She likes the cool tiles though as she is very fluffy with a double coat. It should still be fairly cool for her with a crate in the bathroom. I will try the oil for now though, as we can't afford a crate at the moment, having spent over $1500 on the dog this fortnight, we have spent as much as we can on the dog this pay (unless an emergency). Wiping a bit of oil off isn't a problem for now as I mop the bathroom floor every morning when I get up. How often would you recommend that I get up to take her out to the toilet for a 9 week old pup and how long can they spend in the crate? I don't work, so she won't be in it all day. Thanks for the help ;)
  20. Puppy Eating My Bathroom

    Why not? It's bigger than the laundry, less things she can get into, easy to clean if she has an accident, and it is only until she is toilet trained. I wouldn't be able to put the crate near me at night because I have another dog, and he would try to play with her all night and I wouldn't be able to hear when she needed to go to the toilet if I put her anywhere else, or doesn't that matter? Thanks reddii, will try that.
  21. You reckon? I wonder how fresh the meat is on the bones they bury and dig up after a few days. Dogs will certainly eat off meat. They love food that stinks. I won't feed my dogs anything that smells a bit off. All the chicken frames go into the freezer, 3 to a pack. I take one pack out every night and it goes straight into the fridge to defrost. Maybe it depends on the dog.. My dog turns his nose up at meat with only a slight smell... but he is a bit fussy. I am sure he would roll in off meat though
  22. Page And Jet Updates

    Rest in peace Page. My heart goes out to all involved
  23. Sweet Dreams Forever

    RIP Pyro
  24. Pet Food Survey - For Colledge ;)

    I didn't fill in the poll because I have tried a few types of foods with my dog until I found something that kept some weight on him and that he would do well on and stay interested in. Commercial foods I have used: Supercoat biscuits Canned food (I think natures gift) Pal puppy (for a week of two when he was a pup) My dog has only ever really gotten canned food occasionally, if I run out of meat etc, and don’t have time to get more, and it is usually only for a week or two that he is on it, and he also would get eggs etc. He was feed on supercoat from a pup to about 9-10 months old. Pal gave him the runs. My dog prefers the canned food over supercoat/biscuits. After a while he wouldn't eat all of his supercoat so I changed his diet. I find that canned food makes my dog loose so much weight, even if he is only on it for a week or two. Supercoat is similar, but his weight loss with supercoat is due to not eating the whole meal. But while he was on it he was doing pretty well at the start, but after a while he decided he didn’t like it, and he wasn’t looking as good as he was before. With commercial food my dog was gassy (very smelly), especially with the canned food, and there was more poo in the yard, his condition wasn’t as good as now. (more so with canned food) Now I feed chicken mince, fruit and veg, rice/pasta, bones, chicken carcasses/bones, whole egg, sardines, and some milk and cheese occasionally. He also gets some scraps as a treat (usually cooked meat and veg) I don't include that in his meal, so he gets extra every now and then. He does very well on this diet. There is less poo in the yard, his farts don’t smell very bad (if at all) he looks better, and I can put weight on him without feeding him ridiculous amounts (he would still loose weight being fed 1.2 kilos of canned food) he doesn’t need as much of it to gain or maintain his weight. My dog weighs about 25 kilos and he is about 60 cms at the shoulder Hope that helped