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  1. Oh no - sorry to hear Danny is no longer with us @Dame Danny's Darling Poor little Jeune! Sounds like she is responding well to the treatment though. Sounds like Jeune might need to stay on the combo of Viscotears and Opticin. Riley is having the corneal graft today - so hopefully everything will go well. Fingers crossed!
  2. Thanks for the reply Rappie. Turns out my westies is having the corneal graft today. The ulcer is quite deep and the specialist is worried about rupture. His bloods are excellent for a dog of his age so she's she is happy to proceed with the surgery. He's at SASH - so in good hands. Fingers crossed he doesn't get any more ulcers in the future!
  3. Yes he can see out of both eyes and currently has no cataracts but he has lost depth perception and hoes have greyness in his eyes. I have put a call into the specialist and waiting for a call back. I was just interest to see if anyone else has has this experience with any fo their dogs and what path was taken.
  4. My 17 year old west highland terrier has just had a diagnosis of calcium deposits in his eyes. One of his eyes currently has an ulcer in it. The opthamologist has suggested a corneal graft because there is damage to the stroma and graft may help prevent the eyes rupturing? His blood results indicate that everything is within normal levels - so nothing stands out as to what could be causing these deposits except for the ageing process. I'm not keen to have my little old dog undergo such a big operation on both eyes at his age. :-( Has anyone been through this with their dog and are there any less invasive options/natural remedies?
  5. Ohhhhhh Boronia - I just came across this terribly sad news. I'm so sorry to hear of Penny, Mac and Daisy's passing. Gosh and all so soon of each other. Brings tears to my eyes. They sure had good years with you - what a fabulous age they all lived to. I still have my little Riley, who is 15 now but I lost Winston a few weeks after he turned 13. Bless you Boronia for taking Penny, Mac and Daisy into your home and giving them a great life - you have a heart of gold.
  6. Ohhhhhh Westiemum - I just saw that dear Mac has gone to rainbow bridge. I know how sad you must be. It will take a long time before you can think about Mac without getting weepy. Mac had a wonderful life with you and I have no doubt he knew how much you loved him to the very end. Maybe Winston and Mac will hook up at rainbow bridge and get up to some mischief!! Sending you big hugs xxxx
  7. Awwwww - Happy 15th Birthday Mac - you beautiful little white bear!!! What a great age !! :birthday:
  8. Hi westiemum Try Taste of the Wild I use this kibble for low value treats and the boys show no adverse reaction to it - however, I don't tend to feed kibble as a meal.
  9. Stay well away from that place. The owner is a fool! They also do boarding there. A few years back someone boarded a west highland terrier puppy there approx 3 months old (yes the owner of pup was a fool to board a pup that young!!). Anyway, when the owner returned to collect her puppy - the owner (John) claims that there was a hot windstorm (it was January) and blew the gate open to the puppy's kennel run and the puppy allegedly ran away and disappeared. They made no effort to contact her to let her know what had happended and they still tried to charge her for boarding! I helped the owner search for that 'missing' pup - nowhere to be seen - none of the neighbours had seen a stray pup and NONE of the neighbours had anything nice to say about John - quite to contrary actually. He was an obnoxious pig who proceeded to follow us around the area we were searching, and hurled verbal abuse at us! During the search for the puppy we came across another dog training facility nearby - they appeared to be a professional set up and also had nothing nice to say about sydneydogtraining and John. The owner of the puppy took John to court in order to get re-imbursed for the cost of her puppy and the associated boarding fees. She won and received 80% of what she asked for. To this day - we have no idea what happened to that puppy. I would never ever recommend anyone to either board their dog there or have their dog trained by this fool. His entire demeanour and attitude screamed unprofessional, obnoxious, arrogant, unhelpful - he was an awful awful man and I honestly cannot believe that he would be kind to an animal. Personally, I would not trust him with my dogs!
  10. They are great runs aren't they :-) The Dane and Viszla aren't mine - they belong to a friend of mine - I just did the filming for her so she would have something to keep from the nationals :-) I have captured more runs from the nationals but I haven't had time to do the editing etc yet - I will load them in the next few days - had to go back to work this week sadly
  11. Here's one to get this video thread going .... Sash the Great Dane and Mars the Vizla (bred by Bokezu). This was day 2 in the outdoor rings :-) Both dogs got into the finals - yay!!
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