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  1. This Christmas Stuff is Exhausting!
  2. Paddington last year - I've got two schnauzers to wrangle this year - I have a couple of ideas but not sure how co-operative the pair of them will be :)
  3. Partying On A Friday Night.

    This was Wednesday night...I wasn't home last night but my housemate tells me they were partying hard....changed beds 2 or 3 times through the evening, big night!
  4. K9 Showstopper Update

    I've not heard that OSoswift .The information I've had is that it can be given with meals AND/OR diluted in water after workouts as extra. This is what the packaging says also.We're training or jogging most days anyway but I've not had any problems. Having said that he misses days with it here and there depending on what I'm feeding him - he only gets it with his barf patties, so maybe I'm following that sort of plan without even trying?
  5. K9 Showstopper Update

    I've got 2 miniature schanuzers, the young one is on superfuel. He looks awesome on it and I find it helps him keep up his energy levels through training sessions. I've put my rescue schnauzer on young at heart. 2 weeks in and he looked a completely different dog. He's been on it for 7 weeks now. His coat is thicker and REALLY shiny, he seems less stiff in his movements, he has more energy and he has been able to build up some muscle tone all over, but it's really noticable in his back legs making getting about much easier for him! Really impressed with the product. :) Oh. and I give them about 1/3 of a scoop each daily :)
  6. How Do They Know?

    Slightly different, but my mini schnauzer scuttles under my bed when I straighten my hair - not to hide because he's scared, but because he knows I'll be going out without him and he'd rather stay inside thanks!!
  7. Breed Loyalty

    I grew up with terriers - shaggy dogs my family rescued from pounds. I loved them to bits but really wanted to know what I was living with when I was ready to get my first dog in my home. I tend to come up in rashes when I spend a lot of time with short coated breeds, so I was looking in amongst dogs that were either low shedding, or longer coated. In amongst the research I met a couple of miniature schnauzers and fell in love with the little guys. I now have two - one from a breeder and an oldie we've adopted from the club's rescue :) I think I'll always have a mini about, they suit me perfectly, but if I ever have the space I would LOVE a giant schnauzer, and I'll admit there's a few other breeds, mostly from the terrier group I could see myself living with down the track :)
  8. If it makes you feel any better, my schnauzers are often misidentified too - the black & silver one is always a scottie, or "that dog from the chum ad" ....I've had people ask me what breeds are crossed to make a schnauzer because they like them better than the other poodle crosses - people think I'm being precious when I'm quite definate that schnauzers are a breed...!! Thankfully we also get a reasonable amount of people asking for a pat, because they used to have schnauzers, or their friends/family//etc did :)
  9. When we're home, the dogs have access to inside/outside via a dog door as they please - which tends to be snoozing inside and taking themselves out for toilet breaks. When we're out they have the backyard, which has a large undercover area as well as access to the laundry (where their crates are) via the dog door. They sleep in my room at night, but if we're out of an evening I find they're pretty settle in the laundry until we're back as long as I leave a light on for them - otherwise they tend to patrol :)
  10. What Breeds Are Most Common In Your Area?

    We have an interesting mix around me. Probably at least half the dogs are staffy mixes and terrier mixes. But we also see a lot of beagles, labradors, cavaliers. Mine are the only schnauzers I've seen about, which surprises me - always thought they'd be more common, but maybe they are and just don't get out and about? There's a gorgeous Old English Sheepdog I see out for his daily walk as well as a standard poodle, two airedales, a west highland white terrier and just yesterday I saw a malanois puppy out for a stroll - such a cutie!!
  11. We get mobbed by kids when I'm out and about with my mini schnauzers...mostly because they're little, fluffy and certainly have happy waggy tails. They're delighted to be out and about and love people but neither one is especially used to kids - they see them out and about, but don't live with them. I don't think either would bite, but I'm not willing to take the chance with somebody else's child and I've had a lot of unhappy parents when I've sent their very loud and fast approaching kids back to them without a pat of the "nice doggies". Completely different with sensible people who ask and get their kids to listen to the way they can pat and say hello to them. I sometimes wondered if it was any better out and about with less "cutesy" breeds - this thread has certainly answered this question for me - seems we're all in the same boat!
  12. lol. Made me laugh :) The latest, which I've been shocked to have said to me more than once, and more surprisingly by friends is when hearing about the 10 yr old rescue mini schnauzer I've adopted is "Why wouldn't you just get a puppy, I mean that one will be dead soon" Lovely. Never mind the fact that he is leaping around their feet with aas much energy as my younger dog and looking the absolute picture of health! Between you and me I can imagine nothing worse than a puppy with my 2 yr old schnauzer - like he needs any more encouragement to act like a loon! :)
  13. Miniature Schnauzer came up as second on my list on that selecctor....and 7 of the top 10 were breeds I'd looked into before deciding on a mini...I'm impressed!
  14. Get Puppy Used To Wearing A Coat

    My Mini schnauzer was like that when we first put a coat on him :) oh the trauma! I put his on at each meal for a day or two - put his bowl down and left him to it....he's too much of a guts to mess around too much with food in front of him (a mini trait I've learnt to make the most of!!) Only took him a day or two, now he'll happily wear jumpers and coats to keep him warm after he's been clipped off! For example....
  15. What Is Your Dogs Favorite Treat?

    Strawberries....although let's be honest he'll eat anything :)