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  1. god i cannot read this thread its to sad i wish i could take all the poor dogs that end up in the pound young and old all i hope for is that they at least find a great home or at least a loving foster home to live out their last days.
  2. We are not new to the club just to the next class and we did walk close to her but she was right in the way if I had tried to give her more room I would be tangled in the equipment. :) I allay ask if it's okay for zorro to say hello to dogs first and I warn them he can get over excited.
  3. I think the reason why she didn't have anything on to indicate it was an aggressive dog is that it's a really small club I knew most of the others I only didn't know about 3 of them but they where all on lead and apparently her dog had ago at Molly too ( she is another cocker spaniel who went up with me and is zorro's GF ) as she walked in.
  4. Instructors will usually ask new people not to go to close to other dogs - but they can't make people do anything . It should have been made clear to her by the club that people with aggressive dogs are responsible for them and should muzzle them if aggressive. This should be reported in writing as an incident. Even if Zorro is ok, the lady needs to be given extra help and reminded of club rules. Thanks grey I think I will bring it up at the next club meeting it was hard not to walk past the dog as it was right on the entrance path :p
  5. Okay it was the first night of training with all the other dogs's zorro was on lead all night except for when it was our turn to run the course. Anyway there was another lady there with her dog I have never seen before and as I walked past her dog with zorro the dog attacked zorro . Anyway zorro tried to get away yelping and when the other dog walked away I made sure zorro was okay, anyway the owner shot me the dirtiest look and didn't come over to help or apologize. Anyway later I hear her complaining to the instructors about new people not knowing not to go near her dog, like what happen
  6. My German shepherd use to kick me out of my single bed or I would wake up with dead legs. Then I got my brothers cat who would always sleep around my head till one morning I woke up and I thought I was blind!! U was about to scream out to my mum then I realized I had a cat sleeping across my eyes. If I had it my way zorro would be in my room at night and the OH wants him outside so we came to a decision to leave him in the laundry which is his room.
  7. thanks for all the input guys my current dog is desexed so no breeding and even if he was he isn't on mains, but its good to hear you don't have to do the conformation classes, i would talk to the breeder before i got my next agility dog as so they could help to make sure the dog did have the right conformation and temperament. ALOT of thought would go into it before i even thought about breeding double so as i have horses and foals as well and would need to make sure they don't clash as i like to give my full attention to my foals and same if i had pups.
  8. Hallo everyone and sorry if this is in the wrong spot if so please feel free to move it. in the future i wish to breed English cocker spaniels, but i don't do conformation showing im in to the agility and rally-o competitions, Does that matter? do you have to do conformation shows to breed? my pups would be from my best agility/rally-o bitch/dog with great temperaments they would be health tested and i wouldn't be breeding all the time maybe only 1 litter it would be to continue that line from that great dog/bitch NOT for profit, and off course with the breeders okay but they would be infor
  9. dear DOG that makes me soooooo angry they sound NEVER be able to own an animal again and be shoved in prison, i hate how people think that animals lives are not as important as human lives
  10. When I picked zorro up from his breeder he was covered in fleas!!! I washed him in flea wash and immediately put on flea treatment on him I used revolution and it worked really well
  11. Mine was through word of mouth :) and I had seen them work wonders with my riding instructors broodmares and foals. They are always professional they don't over charge and they do actually care for all the animals that come through their surgery. When we lost kovu our GSD they sent us a hand written card which was signed by the vet that had been treating him and the owner, we also got one when both my rats where PTS.
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss, but happy to hear she was able to be with you in the comfort of her own home. Sending lots of hugs your way
  13. What about another cocker? I know it's not a short coat but they can be kept clipped. Or maybe a beagle :)
  14. Wow seriously? I have never ever heard of an agressive cocker, they are so sweet and gorgeous! Same here. I had a cocker when I was younger and he was just beautiful. I have never heard of cocker rage. Yer I'm actually amazed at how many people ask me that but it is balance out with " awwww he is so fluffy and adorable, his ears are so cute" and " aww he is so freindly" lol
  15. Just wanted to send you lots of healing vibes and hugs. Hope miss penny makes some improvement.
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