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  1. Thank you very much for your informative answer. I just did a Google search found an online pet pharmacy that sells liquid Meloxicam for dogs 100ml for $54. There will be another Vet visit to re-check my dog's urine sample before renewing scrip & the Vet will also charge to write a scrip & then there is postage. However, I still think $54 will be a good saving over $120.00 My decision to continue use is based on previous experience, with another dog and the fact that my breed averages 14 -15 years of life. My current dog is 13 years of age & to date, (touch wood), has had no o
  2. Please forgive me as I do not mean to offend. However, I am NOT looking for advice on dosage nor on the pros & cons of treatment with Meloxicam vs. other treatments. I AM looking for wholesale or reduced price availability of Meloxicam in 100 ML or larger IF available. Thank you
  3. Hi All Just wondering ..Do any of you know if Meloxicam for dogs is available wholesale? Just paid $120.00 for a 100ml tube at the Vet. My (large breed), much loved, 13 year old has developed stiffness in rear knees & will be on it for the rest of her life. Thank you!!
  4. I will be travelling/flying to QLD. for The Poodle National Obedience Trial & Poodle National Conformation Show in August. I am totally unfamiliar with the area. The show will be held at Dogs Qld. Dogs Sports ground in Durack. I am looking for a dog friendly motel or cabin (or other), (that will allow dogs INSIDE) I prefer more up market if possible. I would be most grateful for suggestions. Please feel free to E Mail me privately at [email protected] THANK YOU!!!
  5. Hi Thanks very much for the info. I went to Puppies In Bloom website I found exactly the type of Velcro I.D. collars I am looking for However their web site is in USA & only set up to process USA orders Does anyone know of an AUSTRALIAN web site to buy Velcro ID collars? Thanks again
  6. Here is a list of some of my own favourites: The Really Reliable Recall by Leslie Nelson D.V.D. Train Your Dog like a Pro by Jean Donaldson The Book Comes With a DVD The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson Book Dog Training The Gentle Modern Method by David Weston Book Ruff Love by Susan Garrett Book Schutzhund, OBEDIENCE TRAINING IN DRIVE by Sheila Booth & Gottfreid Dildei D.V.D. OR Book (prefer DVD) Agility anything by Susan Garrett Online courses i.e. the IMHO brilliant, RECALLERS online course &/or her D.V.D.'s on Agility I order most of my books & videos fro
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy solid coloured VELCRO Puppy I.D. collars size medium to large I re-ordered some recently, from a supplier I have used successfully in the past, My fault as I did not read their latest ad carefully & got sent paper ones with stripes & designs which is not what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm sure my much loved & astonishingly intelligent, Belgian Shepherd, CH. Nordenstamm Zara C.D. R.E. and her breeder, INTL. Australian, German & Dutch, Schutzhund Judge, Jens Kollenberg, Nordenstamm Malinois, will have a very good time together on the Gold Coast, over the next few months. Jens's goal/ aim is, (at this stage) to have ZARA ready for B.H. and I.P.O.1 competition at the Australian Schutzhund Nationals, in Adelaide in August. MY BRAG While training & competing with me in Melbourne, "ZARA" has been a wiz kid, gaining 6 A.N.K.C. titles before the age of 18 months, sever
  9. That look was based on how long it took to get the 3 CDX passes but thanks for the congratulations. I am still smiling! VERY w ell done Sue. I am very happy for you! "Waldo" always looks happy, which is as it should be
  10. Berwick Obedience Dog Club in Narre Warren North is a positive rewards based Club affiliated with Dogs Victoria They have a web site so if you go to Dogs Victoria web site & search under Clubs (Obedience) you can find their site They meet on Saturdays
  11. VER well done from what I understand Agility in NZ is even more difficult than it is in OZ, where it has become IMHO a sport for professionals You must be A VERY good team!!
  12. Thanks Sue What Zara needs is a full time job, 24 hours a day 7 days a week Instead of "you complete me" I tell her "you deplete me" LOL
  13. Congratulations to Naughty Nina, Strauss & Cider. How about I change my Malinois name to Zooming Zara?
  14. Congratulations to you too! Well done. A spectator commented that "too many dogs can not wait to LEAVE the ring" & that "I should be grateful my dogs pull me INTO the ring & escape to race directly to me IN the ring, .....sigh....
  15. Left home at 5:AM for a beautiful day & a wonderfully organised Obedience & Rally Obedience Trial in the Macedon Ranges. Such friendly people, great Judges GREAT BBQ including scrumptious egg brekkie rolls, my favourite veggie burgers & yummy cupcakes with the club logo etched into the icing This trial is held on a lovely venue. My 16 month old Belgian Shepherd (Malinois), Nordenstamm Zara CCD RE attained her C.D./Novice title today with 195/200 & 2nd place. My 19 month old Standard Poodle "Daisy" also scored 195 in Novice for 3rd place. This was 16 month old Belgian Malino
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