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    Conformation showing, obedience and earthdog trialling with my dachshunds.<br /><br />Siamese fighting fish.

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  1. Toy Poodle QLD , Recommendation

    Have sent you a pm
  2. Boarding kennel recommendations please

    Thank you Jemapelle and Papillon Kisses, I will pass on your information. Paws and Whiskers sounds great. I know a few people use that vet and swear by them.
  3. Boarding kennel recommendations please

    Yes Mjosa, I have offered, but I now live nearly 4 hours away from them. The dog has been boarded at the same kennel for a few years now and has been fine with it, always happy to go the kennels, regardless of him being an inside dog.
  4. Boarding kennel recommendations please

    Sandgrubber I have no idea how to edit the heading to include location
  5. One of my puppy owners is looking for a boarding kennel in Brisbane southside preferably, but will consider northside. The kennel she has been using for the last few years has changed hands and she doesn't feel comfortable going there anymore. Dog is a 7 year old Dachshund Smooth Haired. Any and all recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Pedigree Paper Colour

    Qld main reg papers are now blue and have Certified Pedigree written across the top
  7. Junee May 28/29/30

    Huge congratulations to Glenn and Jan Scott and their standard smooth dachie Ch. Bekkri Oh So Smooth on winning BIS and his Grand Ch. title. I am so proud to be his breeder.
  8. I go to Cityvet in Waterford, both clinics are owned by the same person, Alan Cornick. Alan is my vet and an excellent vet and surgeon, not just my opinion, but the opinion of others too. I have had bitches desexed, lumps removed etc, and the scar is almost non existant. He is also a lovely caring man.
  9. Anyone Feed Fish?

    Huski, There is a fish market on Logan Road at Underwood, near Pattons Big Gun butchers that sells whole sardines for $6 a kg
  10. It doesn't sound like a back problem to me given the results of those tests you tried, but I am neither a vet nor a chiro. Might be a good idea to let your vet have a look at her. I would still keep the chiro appointment though. Hopefully it is only something minor and easily fixed.
  11. Exciting Times Ahead

    [so the calcifications are linked to the spine collapsing? How interesting that they come and go. ] The spine doesn't "collapse" per se. The disc explodes, and it is this exploded material that causes swelling of the spinal cord and either partial or complete paralysis. [i guess it would throw a spanner in the works of some breeders if they had to xray every dog before breeding with them. And because the calcifications only appear after 18 months that would mean that they couldn't breed before then.] Oh I am more than happy to "throw a spanner in the works of some breeders" There are a lot that deserve it. [What age can hip scores be done?] When I had my gsd's done it was not before 12 months, but I have been out of that breed for quite a few years now, so it may have changed.
  12. Exciting Times Ahead

    They are looking for calcifications. Xraying needs to be done between 18 months and 3 years of age. They don't show up before 18 months and are usually gone by 3 years of age. Is there any testing available either here or overseas for hernivertebra in pugs?
  13. Often when there is a back injury the tail is held down and slightly tucked under in an arc. The chiro is a good idea. These are a couple of checks you can do while waiting for the chiro appt. Feel his tummy, is it tight like a drum? Turn the toes on his back feet under and put his foot back down, 1 foot at a time. Does he correct his foot immediately? Hold a piece of his favourite food in front of him and move it slowly towards one side of him then the other. Then move it down to his front feet, then over his head towards his back. Then let me know the results. ETA oops sorry, just reread she's a girl
  14. Exciting Times Ahead

    Thank you KellyLouise and Nattylou. That is my dream for the future, that it will be the norm rather than the exception
  15. I just need to share my excitement. I am in the process of starting back xraying for ivdd in dachshunds in Australia. There is currently no testing for this at present in this country. I am so sick of hearing about paralyzed dachies, and it seems to be happening more and more. A lot of breeders just don't care what they breed with, and I just get so irate. I have been looking for nearly 2 years now for a suitable dog to put my girl to, but there is nothing in this country, bar one, I can use. Either they are too close or they carry health issues, of which ivdd is only one. I am in the process right now of bringing in frozen semen from the US. Denmark introduced back xraying for dachies a few years ago and it is now mandatory over there to xray before breeding, which I think is fantastic. I can only hope in years to come that Australia will follow, probably not in my lifetime, but if I can be instrumental in starting it, I will be very happy for the future of my beloved breed. I have gathered as much information as I can from Denmark and passed it on to my vet, who I must say is fantastic, and is more than willing to purchase the necessary state of the art xray machine, going to cost him a pretty penny no doubt, and me too. The films need to be sent back to Denmark to be read, and the first xray may not be acceptable, so I could need to do it a few times. This happened when Denmark first started it, took a few xrays before they got it right. I am hoping within a few months my vet will be ready to go ahead with xraying my girl. I am quietly confident of a good result as I have been very, very selective over the years what I breed with, and to my knowledge, none of the pups I have bred have ever had a back problem. Thank you for letting me share my excitement.