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  1. Cavs upset tummy

    I didnt know about the online vet.. thats really good to know of. I'm so proud of my boy. The past 2 days he's eaten a bowl of chicken & rice yet not swallowed one grain of that rice. I couldnt do that even with a spoon & fork. Today's happiness is.............. watching my boy pass a stool. Its so good to know he's over whatever it was.
  2. Cavs upset tummy

    what a difference a day makes...He's much better tonight & asking for food. He mustve been really unwell to have declined food. Thanks all.. I hope we're all good now.
  3. Cavs upset tummy

    I'd normally go to the vets but at this stage such close contact isnt preferred. Any suggestions on what to do for my boy will be appreciated. He refused dinner last night which is the first time in his 8 years. During the night he had a loose bowel movement & was definitely runny today. I cant see why chicken breast &liver treat would result in that tannish brown colour. He ate grass this morning in the park & chucked that up soon after getting home. I'm of the age & health conditions to be fodder for coronavirus & his only carer so isolation is the way for us. Naturally I'd risk anything if he showed pain, but dogs are so brave & never complain. He still asks to go to the park or barks at an undesirable dog that should walk by.