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  1. Back Seat Hammocks/ Buddies

    I have the running dog back cover too but fur is everywhere still
  2. Yeah I might keep the normal dosage of glyde and use the maintaince amount of the rose hip.
  3. Thanks ness didn't want to make anything worse but will check with the vet to
  4. Just wondering if I could give this with glyde? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also those on a combo dosage would be appreciated for an active 20kg dog
  5. Happy Birthday Ziggy

    Yay Happy Birthday Ziggy
  6. Turn Offs For Dog Names.

    the worst name was Mate. I just thought it's not really a name for a dog.
  7. Oh I will be interested in seeing your updates. I remember when you had Pip.
  8. For Sale/ Adoption :)

    LOL omg imagine the outrage
  9. When Dogs & Cats Fight

    LOL quite literally LOL
  10. Treat Pouch

    Have a Doggoone one and it is definately my favourite. Also have the blackdog one ( but don't like it as much). I like the magnetic ones better then the hinges
  11. Back Seat Hammocks/ Buddies

    So does the bsb actually keep fur off the footwell, seats , sides and the cracks where the seatbelts are.? i have a lab that sheds alot. Despite regular groomimg. We have a hammock not a cheap one and her fur stll is everywhere. Have a corolla hatch and thinking if this does work i might invest in one
  12. OMG I am so sorry. This is just a horrible situation and it should not have happened. I have no words truly shocked and heartbroken for you.
  13. Vetnpetdirect 5% Off

    Oh i bought stuff just the other day but didnt know about the discount
  14. Those Crazy Labradors

    Tara8430 Sasha is shedding like there is no tomorrow. She usually sheds heaps at this time of the year. It is annoying. She had a 3 hour grooming session today which included a bath, brush etc. You should have seen the fur. I could make a coat hahaha.
  15. Those Crazy Labradors

    Ruby Star I LOVE that pic.