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  1. Hey guys, just had a couple of questions in regards to the Ekka, am going with Hudson in the morning and despite being to the ekka may times in the past this will be the first with a dog to show. I am not sure how hard it is to get the gear into the pavillion? I am not going to be taking much with me, just a grooming table, bag, suit + my dog so can pretty much handle everything in one trip if I don't have to walk too far. I see you can use a drop off area which might be handy with the table. Otherwise is it far from where you need to park - I don't have anyone to help me, it will just be me! I see Gregory Terrace is the entry area for the pavillion (drop off area?) unsure of where the parking is? Sorry for all the questions guys but I am lost!
  2. Yeap that is the one! Will you be going along as well? I am starting to get nervous that he will get too excited and his HR will be high at the checks - silly dog has been brought up in a vet clinic and thinks vets are the best! :p Or that he will decide sniffing and playing is more fun than the obedience test :) But still excited to see how it all goes!
  3. I might have to take him for a longer ride tomorrow and track our speed because I have not done as much bike training as I would have liked recently - I had him ready for the ET last year and then moved just at the wrong time! Have been much slacker this time with my training schedule but overall he has been doing more, so hopefully it will work out!
  4. Any last minute tips for my first ET? *nervous* Last minute training - testing he is ready for this? Anything I should do for his pads in these last 2 weeks? I am happy he is pretty fit, but might need to do a few more 5km bikes in these last 2 weeks as most of our exercise in the past 2 weeks has been for agility training.
  5. Managed to organize my entry - now to start getting nervous! I hope I have him ready enough and that he still wants to do the obedience at the end :) He would do anything if I had food, but not sure how tired + no food will go. Looking forward to it though. :)
  6. I might miss this one due to my own disorganization! Missed the entries Have sent a message to see if they can accept a late entry, but might have to wait till next year as well! At least my dog is fit.. haha
  7. We had 2 runs - Novice agility and jumpers. Agility was DQ he had great fun running 2 little joy laps though and certainly tried to show everyone how much fun can be had! Only just 2 faults in our jumpers run - handler error (isn't that always the case) so we ended up 27th of 58 dogs. I had so much fun in the Jumpers once my nerves had settled down after the first run! I will continue to get some photos over the next few days and hopefully try and get a few of each group.
  8. Some photos I got today - mostly of the 500 Novice Jumpers but a few others (mostly 500 dogs). https://www.facebook.com/elise.lenske/media_set?set=a.10152970646603662.1073741832.836443661&type=1 Will try and move around to get some more the next few days, just getting the nerves settled today! :)
  9. Will just be doing Jumpers and maybe the games :) Hudson had a brain malfunction on course on the weekend during the weaves, but had some great runs in jumpers so we will still be coming and having a play!
  10. Ended up going with the short sleeved option which I was very thankful for given how hot it turned out to be! I do love my purple suit too, will still bring it out for the special shows I think!
  11. I don't actually usually get enough time for him to look at me at all, once he is over that last obstacle he doesn't even slow down + out the gate he goes! Am working on a target that I can get him to go towards after a run. He just loses focus once the obstacles are done! But I will stop taking this thread off topic. Super excited to meet some of you at Nationals!
  12. We are getting the weaves, but my main concern is getting him to stay in the ring.. If I don't see some improvement in training in the next week we might have to give the nationals a miss Will still come and watch though if I can't get this sorted again.
  13. Yes, sorry guys! Hudson is not quite weaving the whole lot yet.. and slowly but we are getting there. Got to 6 poles straight tonight but slowly :) haha I am not sure after training tonight if we are going to be ready. He had improved so much but has now taken to running out the gate after a run instead of waiting for me after the last jump. Partly because I have get him so excited and taught him to run ahead of me down a line.. now need to figure how to train the stop at the end! We will see how we go, we might not compete if this keeps up.. don't want to end up with him running onto another dog or causing any trouble.
  14. I have entered in the Novice classes... desperately trying to get our weaves in time, but at least we can run the jumpers courses! :)
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