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  1. Litters Due April 2018

    I showed them in early 2000’s out and around Dubbo and a couple of specialties. cesarian was required in the end. Bell had no inclination to push. 4 beautiful buns and one recovering Mum later all is well. Long and exhausting day for all concerned. Can’t upload pics as my phone has them set too large. see what I can do tomorrow
  2. Litters Due April 2018

    Congrats on your babes Allerzeit. Years back I owned and exhibited two Treverhund Rottweilers. Still my all time love. A magnificent breed. would love to have another in our family one day
  3. Litters Due April 2018

    We are excited to be expecting our first Pom litter today. Second stage has begun. So nervous and excited all in one
  4. Hidden Fence containment

    Thanks Tassie. We have chosen not to go with the containment. In turn opting to work on improving our yard fencing and possibly adding the snake proof mesh. Thanks all for your input, much appreciated
  5. Would love some feedback on your Advocate experiences please? I have used this in the past on many dogs in a shelter environment with no adverse reactions. However my Aunt has used this for the past 7 months and the last two times her Chi has reacted behaviorally. Padraig has been agitated, and hasn't gone near my Aunt until early this morning. This time was the worst. I have advised her to speak with the vet. In the mean time please share with me any adverse reactions you have witnessed. Thank you
  6. Hidden Fence containment

    Thanks for this feedback Tempus Fugit. Would only be in use of a weekend when we are home although unable to monitor them in the yard. They are housed whilst we are working and of a night with us within our home. 100% respect the opinions received so far, has given us more to consider and look into at this point
  7. Hidden Fence containment

    Thanks Jumabaar. We refuse to pen our dogs as they are pets and have chosen for them to run free in our fenced yard. However if we feel the system is not for us then we will consider building something in which suits our dogs needs. This fence I am inquiring about is used by a l business owner whom has Maremmas to protect their Free-range Chickens. She has highly recommended this particular system after doing her homework prior to purchasing and using.
  8. Hidden Fence containment

    Interesting to know this. I will be sure to do my homework. Thank you
  9. Hidden Fence containment

    We do have a farm fence around our house yard. Our Poms are pets and not kept in kennels as such so is very important we obtain a containment which works, is reliable and difficult to breach. Hence why I am seeking feed back. We are aiming at it being an aid in their training to stay within the house yard. Unfortunately our house yard is against a boundary fence to our neighbors. Another challenge to work through. Thanks Persephone
  10. Hidden Fence containment

    Thanks Mrs Rusty Bucket. Our dogs are kept inside when we aren't home as we live on a farming property. Unfortunately though when we are home they are able to roam free easily due to the farm fencing. Our main fears are wondering off too far and obtaining the neighbors baits or encountering snakes etc. Also out here Roos' are known to disembowel a dog. Much to consider when living out here with such a small breed. Truly appreciate your feed back
  11. Puppies front paw knuckling over

    This is exactly what we were recommended to stay away from whilst a pup was experiencing this condition. A rush of too much calcium and protein was causing it. The results witnessed were favorable when pups were fed a super premium adult kibble.
  12. Puppies front paw knuckling over

    Can I ask, how is this puppy going now? We would see this often in the Shelter environment in my animal rescue days. Often caused by poor or incorrect diet. Feeding a large breed puppy on adult would generally rectify this and at times a splint was required. As an owner of large breeds in the past, I was always recommended to only feed an adult diet to a puppy by the breeder. Just as in the wild on raw, there was no such thing as a special diet for puppies so why do it now. However a vet who does not specialize in any particular large breed will argue the fact and only recommend puppy. I hope all goes smoothly for both pup and owner
  13. Potential Owner Seeking a Breeder

    Hi Shane, I hope you find what you are looking for soon. Possibly, if you have an idea of what breed you are wanting, I highly recommend approaching breeders who have advertised on DOL and go from there. All the best
  14. Hi all, Was wondering if any one has used the Hidden Fence containment system please? If so what have been the positives and the negatives? Can more than two collars be utilized Cheers
  15. Raw for small breed puppy

    So very cute. Got to luve puppy kisses and there is nothing better than puppy breath