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  1. You are right Karen15, the register is destined to fail because the vast majority of dogs that are bred in the state of Victoria at the moment (estimated to be between 70 - 80%) are bred by backyard breeders/illegal operators already, so keeping them from being inspected is keeping them hidden. Volunteer registers only work to police the breeders who WANT to comply. Again you are right in that there are still many dodgy breeders hiding as Dogs Victoria breeders while the rest of us trying to do the right thing and these ones will be used to highlight the "need" to make all breeders fo
  2. https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/getting-it-done-stamping-out-puppy-farms/ The Andrews Labor Government has taken a major step towards ending cruel and barbaric puppy farms with the introduction of amendments to the Domestic Animals (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016. With $5 million from the Labor Government, RSPCA Victoria’s Special Investigations Unit has conducted 75 investigations, assessed more than 1,600 animals and referred 53 establishments to councils for further investigation. There have been 10 matters before the courts and the number of Domestic Animal Busin
  3. More dogs from close and unregulated countries that are rabies free will come into Australia once laws like this come into effect throughout the country but until then more pups from other states will be just be sold into victoria where the prices will be higher. Supply and Demand. The problem with hoping that we keep our exempt status as an applicable organisation is that it is at best a stay of execution and no long term plan. Governments like simple solutions to complex problems because it is easier to sell to the public and win votes from those who know nothing about the topic or the unin
  4. The ANY VICTORIAN part seems to be a direct signal that a Dogs Vic membership does not provide an exemption from having to register as a domestic animal business and all the stuff that goes with that like kennels, concrete, inspections by council officers, and forced desexing of dogs not sold to another business etc. Any comment or advice from Dogs Vic management on here would be appreciated!!
  5. http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/new-laws-to-stamp-out-cruel-puppy-farms/ The Andrews Labor Government is putting animal welfare first by ending industrial scale breeding of cats and dogs, with legislation set to be introduced into Victorian Parliament today. Victoria’s Domestic Animals Act will be overhauled to protect the welfare of breeding cats and dogs and give consumers certainty that their puppies and kittens have come from good homes. The Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 will reform Victoria’s breeding and pet shop industries, delivering on Labor’s electi
  6. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/world/walkies-morsels-prove-poisonous-for-pooch/story-fnd134gw-1226550804780 SCAVENGING canines have been left bleary-eyed after inadvertently feasting on cannabis while on walkies in northwest England. Patch was one of several dogs "poisoned" after tucking in to a package left on a walking track in greater Manchester, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported. "Patch was just totally out of it," said owner Neil Rogers of his four-legged friend. "When I got home he just collapsed and couldn't do anything. I realised he had eaten something." Mr Rogers
  7. I think you have hit the nail on the head with that one Without a point of comparison we cannot see if the rates of healthy dogs PTS have improved or not. Does anyone know what the percentage of dogs that are dumped already have a chip? I think these figures would go a long way into finding out where these dumped dogs are coming from in the first place. I know from anecdotal evidence from council rangers that the vast majority of dogs that they pick up here in Vic are not chipped which would indicate to me that BYB are the main source of these dogs.
  8. Hey SSM try a dedicated arabic language conversion program with the internet articles :)
  9. I had a look at the forum on Don Burke's site and one of their members are planning a dog park with tunnels, sand pits and even a swimming pool for the dogs. I wonder if all their members go to these lengths or if this is a one off? If this is the way these large "breeders" are going, at least they are planning good facilities for their dogs compared to some of the dingy places that the Animal Liberation turkeys keep promoting. I am not a fan of breeding for a profit but I would much rather see all these types of places go this way rather than trying to hide their dogs from view. As Steve h
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