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  1. I have a 9mth old Wei and I arrived home one night to what looked like a murder scene. He had gotten into my uniball red pens (very inky) and eaten them. The walls were red, my bedroom door was red the tiles were red and my poor wee bichon frieze was pink!!! Monty was covered in ink and there was paw prints throughout the house. Hubby was fuming. But alli could do was laugh - I call this art movement "escapism" hehe 
  2. Baby Labs 4 Weeks Old

    I just wanna hug them
  3. 2 Best Buys I've Ever Made

    I got my anti guzzling bowl from my local pet shop - paid $23 for the largest one, they had 3 sizes to pick from. The wobbler I bought from a pet barn and paid $40 for. I've since then seen them cheaper online Durability- Monty can not get his mouth fully around it and if you know the size of a Wei's mouth then that's pretty impressive. He has had it now for 3 weeks and it's scratched from teeth marks but that's to be expected. There is no way he will be able to destroy it, much to his annoyance! Oh and i put the wobbler in the dishwasher - comes up a treat!!! What's everyone putting in their wobblers?
  4. I just wanted to share two items I bought recently that I think are money well spent. I have an 8mth old Weimaraner who has too much energy, loves to play and eats way too fast. First one is the Kong Wobbler - he loves it and it keeps him occupied for hours whilst exercising him too. Second is an anti guzzling food bowl. I was skeptical that a bowl type would slow Monty down but to my surprise it really has! He takes his time moves around the bowl and actually swallows before his next bite!!! Just wanted to share my best buys and hopefully help someone else out
  5. Enrichment/boredom Buster Ideas

    Wobbler kong is awesome! I have a Weimaraner puppy and he loves it Winner!!!
  6. Info About Pet Shops And Puppy Farms?

    Try the RSPCA they have info and a petition going to close those nasty farms down