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  1. Thanks for the advice. Little clover is on the mend today. No diarrhoea last night at all. She has had 2 bile vomits but that's probably because she has nothing left in her tummy. She is still her cheeky curious little self so hopefully a few more days on the chicken and rice and she should be back to normal.
  2. I think you all must be right. It seems too much of a coincidence. Can't believe the vet would have done that though if it could cause problems. Poor poor little girl. She was already a slight little girl now she just looks so skinny
  3. Hi all, so up until 2 days ago I had a very healthy little 15 week old lab pup. She had her wormer and final vaccination on Monday morning. Monday night she had diarrhoea all night. About 4-5. Yesterday she had one or two and I put her on brown rice and boiled chicken. I spoke to the vet and they said just to sit on it for a bit. Last night same thing again. 4-5 accidents in her crate (she normally sleeps right through without any accidents) She's acting completely normal. Still energetic and certainly no loss of appetite. She has just had one small chunky vomit and then started playing again straight away. I haven't noticed any blood or worms in her stool and I haven't changed her diet (except now to give her bland food) I know humans get bouts of gastro/ diarrhoea and there is usually no reason to worry but should I be worried about little Clover? She just seems so normal so it's hard to tell.
  4. Hi, I live in inner North Melbourne too. My vet advised me that I couldn't go out (park, beach etc) until 10 days post 3rd vaccine. I thought it was the second too, seems excessive.
  5. Yes I would be too. Mine was $120 for 4 weeks which seems pretty standard for a good class. Sometimes vets do a 'free for all' and there isn't much training or controlled socialisation. Try and avoid those ones without structure. When are you looking at going? We start end of jan and can let you know how we get along.
  6. I've enrolled at thornbury vet for little clover. They're run by underdog and meant to be really good. I'm excited :)
  7. THE SUNDAY REPORT: I am drinking coffee at 6am instead of 4! SUCCESS Clover (my angel pup) went to the toilet before bed. Slept right through until 4 when she made the most adorable little crying noises instead of that blood curdling scream. OH got up she did her poo and straight back to bed. 6am is the next time I heard that little whine so I'm on baby duty. I am so relieved I want to cry. It was so simple. I feel like I'm going to have so much more energy to spend with her now and a lot more patience as well. Thank you all. Bring on tonight :)
  8. Oh don't worry. She had a few hours on and off of quiet time in there while I attempted to nap. She had her walk, plenty of training and fun with her big sister in the yard as well as quiet time and snuggles outside of the crate. I have been home with her since 8am so she hasn't missed out on a thing.
  9. So after a 12 hour night shift I went straight to the pet supplies shop and bought a crate and am so relieved and happy to report she has been an angel in there today. We did about an hour on and off of getting Clover used to it. Then I brought her into my room, covered her up and let her be. She has whined twice for the toilet. Out on the lead then back in again. I haven't slept but that's not her fault. I'm over tired and over caffeinated but I'm hopeful that we will have a similar result tonight. So far so good. You have all been incredible. Will report back in the morning x
  10. That actually sounds like the most adorable thing ever. I really hope this works for us. I don't think I can handle many more sleepless nights. I'm so patient in general, and working shift work I'm not used to a good sleeping routine but I kid you not I am at my limit. I never had to do anything special for my first, she didn't even have a pen and she's just so good. Hopefully naughty pup will eventually follow in big sisters paw steps.
  11. No I wish. I actually have a really great pet supplies shop near me so I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I can pick one up from there, if not I'll go online. What's another $100 when I've already spent almost $3000 on this little thing.
  12. Okay perfect. Thanks so much. My plan is not to crate long term so I'll buy the smallest suitable size to get us through this period. The wheels are a great idea for moving it between bedroom at night and play pen when we are out.
  13. Ohhhh they look good. How long does delivery usually take and what size do you use for yours? You have labs right?
  14. So after being woken up 3 times today, post 12 hour night shift I am not going to muck around with the pen anymore. I'll buy a crate in the morning and start the crate training. Thanks all for your excellent suggestions. Just wondering whether anyone has any recommendations on good crate training links, websites or resources. I've never used one before and don't know anyone who has. Bloody hell this tiny little thing has cost me a fortune. She is so much harder than my first pup.
  15. Thanks all for the really great suggestions. I'm going to try all the options with the pen first and if that doesn't work then I will give the crate a go. I'm on nightshift for the next few nights (no sleep AGAIN) so I'm sure my OH will report back if it's successful. Will let you know how it all goes. She's pretty fantastic during the day and can already hold a stay while I leave the room so at least I can be thankful for that. :)
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