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  1. Max is good....I think they will find secretariant boring..i know I did
  2. Great photos. I remember going to this beach once and finding those strange man made cave things in the side of the cliff. I imagine they would come in very useful on a hot summers day. Do you know anything about them? Like who made them and what were they originally used for?
  3. I know they are both similar and I want to put one on canvas but I can't decide which one. Please help
  4. My vet told me when buying glucosamine to get the sulphate rather than the hydrochloride. No idea why. But I now take it for myself and by mistake bought the hydrocholride instead of the sulphate which I had been taking successfully for nearly a year and I started having problems with my arthritis again. So if you get some make sure it's the sulphate version
  5. :) it's different thru my eyes . I see starvation of wildlife and our sheep . the shrivelling and dying of bushes and trees . the erosion , and sand drift covering any remaining butts of tough grasses . the loss of small seeds in the dust storms the loss of income to neighbouring farms who need to sow grain and can not .. and the loss of ephemeral waterways /waterholes which support many birds & amphibians .. Gotta love the peppercorn trees though (that is a peppercorn tree I see in the middle of the shot isn't it?...glasses in other room lol). They really rock the dry and hot conditions don't they.
  6. You said you tried to have him sleep inside but he just doesn't want to...ok who's the boss here? Obviously not you. MAKE him sleep inside. Use a crate at first if you have to, he'll get used to it. You pay for his food and vet bills, you provide a nice home and companionship, all you ask is in return is that he do as you ask and sleep inside. That's the answer to the problem
  7. So isn't it going to become a rule in SA to de-sex all dogs unless you are a registered breeder? There was a huge argument on FB a while ago about it. I haven't heard anymore since. I'm not sure if the new law is even coming in or if it's just a rumour? I am totally against it. All 3 of my dogs are de-sexed but I prefer to choose to do that rather than being told I have to, encourage people, don't MAKE them...arghh don't get me started!!! I also committed the huge sin of buying one of my dogs from a Gumtree add. Didn't someone want to ban that too?
  8. Loving all the puppy porn. I love it how you prepare them for life right from the start. I want to kiss and cuddle them all
  9. Good on ya MonElite. I liked your page. I'm really not bothered about taking my dogs in shops or restaurants but I'd sure like to be able to take them to more beaches, or National Parks, recreational areas ect all on lead of course. There's always those who complain when people leave their dogs alone in the yard all day or in cars...well duh maybe that's cause they are not allowed in so may places. They are after all part of the family and should be treated as such.
  10. Save yourself the stress and turn off group notifications so that you don't see the posts and feel tempted to reply. One of my own experiences.. A woman cross-posts a post about a woman in the north west of Tasmania whose dog has just died. The dog was convulsing in her back yard late at night so she called a vet. Vet said he/she wouldn't come into the clinic without a deposit of.. (here is where my memory gets shady) either $50 or $100 dollars for an after-hours emergency. Either way, not a huge amount of money for the life of her pet. She doesn't have the money and apparently has absolutely no way at all of raising it so the dog dies in her backyard, after two hours of convulsions. And, because of course, this is all the vet's fault and not only has she contacted the RSPCA, but also the police, to see about pressing charges of animal cruelty against the vet. You couldn't make this sh*t up. So anyway, I replied with some information from the Tasmanian AWA, which included the vet's obligations and the owners. To cut a long story short, the owner, as the person responsible for the dog, was actually the one who could be charged and I pointed out (as gently as I could) that this was why it's important to have a plan in place, especially if you're on a low income. The entire situation was unfortunately preventable. The collective reaction from the rest of the group.. "Omg, you're so cold" "OMG how about some sympathy for the owner" (for allowing her dog to die a slow, horrible death?) "OMG I hope your dog never gets sick" (I'd.. take it to the vet and pay for treatment? Like most people would?) "OMG Your [sic] a bitch" And so on and so forth. I was about to be upset by the responses (because I'd spent a lot of time writing a carefully considered response including references to each piece of the legislation) but then I remembered that it was people on FB, where collective intelligence decreases for every person involved in the discussion, until it has fully devolved into people calling each other names (see examples above), and at that point, can go no further. It mattered not one bit that I was correct, the people wanted to enjoy their internet outrage at the vet and when I tried to point out that the owner had to take some responsibility, that righteous fury got directed my way. At which point, I clicked the little [x] in the top right-hand corner and left it at that. As I've pointed out before, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make that horse not a complete moron. And FB is full of horses running around in tinfoil hats, calling each other names and licking the windows. She really wanted someone to come around with the poor darling attitude and give her the money, then go away never to be seen again...unless she needed (wanted) more cash for some other dying animal
  11. edited cause somehow I posted that twice and have no idea how to delete
  12. Both achieved (however did not beat OH's highest score) New goal for 2016 CCD Novice (and beat his godammed score lol)
  13. Thanks for that. And no it's not Easter weekend :)
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