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  1. They should be banned from having another dog full stop !
  2. I hate people that do this to their dogs ! I sickens me !
  3. I dont think it was going to attack ... and anyway ... why would you kick it ?
  4. I'll have to put up some pictures of 'Bonshannonn Lizzy'(German Shepherd). She's a pretty one! Rebus is gorgeous!
  5. Hi Stevie's mumma, With toilet training, I'm not the best with pugs, but my grandma's German Shepherd puppy 'Lizzy' has only ever wee'd in the house once....... and she's in there a lot. But one thing we found with her is if you stand there really quietly and let her be for a bit, she does it. Then you reward the dog and then they will learn that weeing on the grass is good. Try this and if it doesn't work, then maybe it would be best to get a puppy toilet. Thanks, ILUVBONSHANNONLIZZY <3
  6. My grandma's puppy 'Lizzy' runs around me and then licks my face and bits my nose and heals! It's so cute!
  7. They need to learn to respect animals! Swans just go about their own business. Imagine having 4 teenagerscome up to and start throwing rocks at you! It makes me sick
  8. It's been going around KCC Park as well I think. It's horrible that someone could do that to such a loyal creature. It disgusts me!
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